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Why the Pandemic Probably Messing with Your Sense of Time

Why the Pandemic Probably Messing with Your Sense of Time

Most of us feel like we have landed in a time warp the past few months. The whole world is going through a tough period where it is difficult to comprehend the happenings around us. There is no certainty and each day can seem a burden for some.

Research has shown that social or physical distancing during this pandemic has affected the perception of time for many people.

Change in Life:

As known the pandemic has managed to change our lives totally. Talking about space, there are a lot of restrictions faced where our mobility is concerned. This crisis has deprived us of our ‘temporal agency’. This is your ability to manipulate and manage your experience of time. Most of us seem to have lost track of time and feel as if life has come to a standstill.

How Emotions and Human Brains Track Time:

Everything done by humans has to be controlled in time, or else you find humans as simple creatures who react to the present without any reason or purpose. Emotions play a part in the perception of time. Our experiences are colored in ways which reflect repulsion or enjoyment. In short, emotion is a major cause of distortion of the time passage.

Tips to help you turn time on your side:

The following tips can help you cope with time distortion.

  1. Creating Structure:

Creating a routine can help you go through the pandemic with ease or else you feel time seems to be crawling. There is no difference between Monday and Saturday as you are at home, schooling, working and doing other odd jobs. There is no way you can move out like normal days. To regain control over time it is important to create new structures.

  1. Stay Busy to the Right Amount:

Tine can pass easily when you find a good balance between boredom and stress. Time passes quickly if you are busy in a joyful manner with low levels of stress. Occupy yourself in a manner that can get rid of your boredom but does not give you any stress.

  1. Connecting with Others:

Stay connected with family and friends that give you joy and happiness. This can help you feel that the stressful times are passing by soon. You get into the ‘positivity’ mode when you connect with your loved ones, be it family or friends.

  1. Allow yourself to Feel:

It is normal to go through negative feelings and a sense of despair. Go through this in a calm manner but do not latch on to this. If this feeling of distress is not letting your function in the normal manner you can reach out to either your doctor or a psychiatrist.

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Try learning something new or take up a hobby which fascinated you but you did not have the time to pursue it. Time will drag if you are not satisfied with the current level of interactions. Keep yourself busy and do not let your mind wander.


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