What is Mineral Oil and the Benefits of this for Wellness

Mineral Oil

Mineral oil has been used for decades in treating not only eczema or dry skin but is also used for treating constipation.

This is a substance that is made from crude oil that is natural. These mineral oils are transparent, oily, and colorless liquids. These are also tasteless. The making of the mineral oils is a complex process. Most of the applications of the mineral oils are topical.

  1. Remedy for Dry Skin

With the onset of winter, dry skin is a major problem for most. Using mineral oil is definitely effective as compared to the other types of oils. It is best to apply this immediately after a shower or a bath for maximum effect. This also works well for dry and cracked feet.

  1. Prevention for Diaper Rash

Mineral oil can not only treat diaper rash but also prevent this. This works better as compared to the other perfumed oils and creams. You need to be aware that mineral oil is one of the used ingredients in any baby oils or creams, thus works well. Apply a thin layer that can work as a barrier between the skin of your baby and other irritating substances. This also helps in locking in moisture and protects your baby from chapped and dry skin.

  1. Soothes Eczema Flares

Eczema is a common allergy. For those suffering from this uncomfortable allergy, using mineral oil for mild flares offers some relief and comfort. This can help the rash in subsiding. You can use this in conjunction with other treatments.

  1. Relieves Constipation

Mineral oil is commonly used for treating constipation. This coats the intestines and acts as a lubricant. This makes the stool soft, making it easier to pass. Make sure you do not use this mineral oil with other stool softeners.

  1. Reducing Dandruff

Dandruff is one problem that is not easy to deal with. Besides being embarrassing, this is also uncomfortable. Most often, the special shampoos used for dandruff do not seem to be enough. Use mineral oil for treating this problem and get the required comfort. One hour before you shower, you need to apply this on your scalp. You need to brush your hair after some tie and then wash.

  1. Cleaning Off Residue

Cleaning off any sticky substance from your skin is safe with mineral oil. All you need to do is take some mineral oil on a cotton ball and rub this on the soiled area. This can also be used for cleaning off the marks that are left on the skin of those undergoing radiation therapy as this is not only gentle but also safe.

  1. Removing Earwax

Earwax, if not cleaned on a regular basis, can accumulate and become uncomfortable. Here is where mineral oil can come to the rescue. Use a dropper to pour two to three drops of this oil and after a day or so, squirt water in your ear. The softened earwax drains off from your ear.

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Precautions and Possible Side-effects

Using mineral oil is considered safe when used topically. This is because it rests on the top layer of the skin. There are some reactions you need to look out for.

Oral Use

  1. a) It is advisable not to take mineral oil for more than a week. This is when you do not have any recommendation from the doctor. The continuous use of laxatives can be harmful as the body starts depending on these for regular bowel movements.
  2. b) Inhaling of mineral oil can lead to pneumonia.
  3. c) Consuming mineral oil within 2 hours of taking any other medication reduces the potency of the medication.

Topical Use

With continuous use of mineral oil, your skin gets susceptible to the UV (Ultra Violet) rays. This is a risk factor for skin cancer.


Using mineral oil as an enema can cause hives, itching, or even skin rash. This can also lead to swelling of the tongue, lips, or face and shortness of breath or diarrhea. These side effects need to be reported immediately to your doctor.

The other possible side effects of using mineral oil as an enema are rectal skin irritation, nausea, and leakage of oil from the rectum, loose stools or cramps, or discomfort in the stomach.

It is advisable to follow the prescribed dosage for mineral oil to avoid any complications.