What is Communication and The Power of Communication Today?


We live in a highly advanced world, and the world is continuing to grow and advance over time. However, some things about this world and human life are obvious and maintained from the early history of mankind. One of them is communication. It’s obvious how earlier times depended upon physical communications, and it mattered a lot at that time.

However, over time, the requirement of communication did not limit. Instead, the advanced world today possesses more than one way of communicating and making through with things; whether it’s in business life or a personal one. Yet, even then, plenty of people aren’t well aware of the exact concept of communication and how much power it holds in our lives.

Sure, you can figure out that communication helps deliver ideas and filter other’s thoughts in; but is the concept and importance of communication just that? Certainly not! There’s a lot more to communication and how it has been a highly powerful exercise to date. But if you aren’t well aware of what is communication and the power of communication today, let’s discuss all below in detail.

What is Communication?

According to literal terms, even with different types of communication methods, each is connected in one way or another. This may include getting in touch with someone, participating in anything, or simply receiving information about something. Now, these are just the literal terms communication that we go through in our day to day lives.

However, if we talk about mainstream definitions of communication; you can call every exchange of information or messages are known as communication. That’s mainly because this includes exchanging emotions and codes in front of one or more people.

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Yet, with different experts and their different thoughts; the main definition of communication has differed in some manner. From being the main life procedure of the society; to being termed as the mechanism through which human relationships are built and maintained experts have had different views here. Yet, either way; the common things in all these concepts of communication is that we interact, put away our thoughts, and sink-in other’s thoughts and emotions. Hence, with every such statement on communication’s main definition, one can say that it’s everything and anything.

But with the different types of communication present around us today; what makes communication effective is that it is a necessity. You can’t process without communicating – whether it’s with your boss, friends, parents, soul mate, or any stranger.

5 Major Powers of Communication:

While being a survival necessity in this world, communication also consists of splendid powers that have huge impacts on today. Now for a clearer view on what is communication and the power of communication today, let’s go ahead and discuss some of them below.

·       Builds Trust:

When you experience effective communication with any individual, it serves in building strong trust with them. This process mainly works by listening with attention and letting the different points of view indulge in your thoughts. Concisely, when you accept other’s thoughts and listen to them while they communicate; they gain a bond of trust with you. Similarly, when others communicate with you effectively in the same way, a powerful trust is built – making it easier for you to communicate and interact with them in the future.

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·       Resolves Problem:

They don’t say talk to people and solve problems for nothing, right? Now similar to the previous powerful impact, communicating help in conveying your idea and letting other’s thoughts and ideas reach your thoughts. As a result, this plays a huge role in resolving conflicts (that can be caused due to unanswered or incomplete statements. Additionally, when you stay calm in communication, you even gain the power of preventing any problem or conflicts that might arise in the future. All you need to do is listen to others and then put forward a solution or positive thought that might eliminate or cause no problems.

·       Improves Relationships:

Another important factor that enhances the importance of communication is the benefit of improving relationships. Whether it’s a relationship with your employ, friends, family, partner, or a stranger; listening carefully – offering relatively positive feedbacks and letting others learn about your respected thoughts on the matter can matter a lot. This helps in creating a mutually respectful relationship between you and others. Also, now that the advanced world mostly relies on interacting through technology/apps; communicating and interacting with others globally has become easier. As a result, you have more ways to improve relationships effectively.

·       Enhances Productivity:

When you effectively communicate with your team members, everyone can understand their roles and duties better. This lets everyone better manage their work and focus on it productively without facing any workspace issues.

Similarly, with proper communication at home with your kids, you can create a better and more productive relationship with them. This refers to the times when you spend time with your kids playing outdoor games; effective communication at that time can increase productivity with your children – making it improve your overall relationship with them.

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·       Strong Team Build-Up:

Lastly, and yet, most importantly; productive and decent communication with your team members can be a great source of building a strong team. Whether in terms of business or extra-curricular activities; communicating properly with the entire team member and promoting it for others can help everyone rely on each other without any hesitation. This can result in eliminating the struggle of a single member facing a huge load of work alone. As a result, this positive feeling between every team member and a strong bond can help reach higher success levels.


Now that we’ve cleared what is communication and the power of communication today, there’s hardly any confusion left, right? However, even with a clear understanding, we often avoid communicating and invest our least participation in public interactions; this doesn’t only result in a loss of great powers but also causes negative impacts.

Considering this, communication is highly important, especially in this advanced world where people don’t consider talking or listening before creating a point of view. Hence, if we start taking this seriously, it can help regain and boost up our communication powers.