What Is a Community Health Worker? A Closer Look at This Rewarding Role

what is a community health worker

It’s always been important to you that people know what options they have in life. You’ve always cared about healthy living and are passionate about promoting it to others. You see the big picture and always know where to turn to find the right resources. People come to you for advice or directions on where to find great deals or helpful services.

If you’d label yourself a people-person and have a desire to help others improve their lives, you’ve probably considered a healthcare career. But you don’t have to pursue a “hospital” profession to get the patient interaction you’re craving.

Consider a career as a community health worker to fulfill your desire to help others. You can capitalize on your natural qualities to build a rewarding career supporting those in your own community. But what is a community health worker and how do you become one? Keep reading to find the answers you’re seeking.

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