Virologist from China Claims COVID-19 Virus was made in Wuhan

Virologist from China Claims COVID-19 Virus was made in Wuhan

In a sensational claim, a Chinese virologist has said that the coronavirus was created in a lab in Wuhan. Wuhan is the epicenter of the outbreak that turned out to be a worldwide pandemic. Dr. Li-Meng Yan, the virologist who has made the revelation, stated that the virus was made in a government-controlled laboratory. She also mentioned that she can back her claim with scientific proof.

Dr. Li-Meng Yan specialized in immunology and virology at the Hong Kong School of Public Health. Dr. Yan became a whistleblower against China due to the way the government handled the pandemic. According to the virologist, she was asked to investigate a new type of pneumonia in Wuhan in December. While investigating the cluster of cases that were like SARS that were originating in mainland China, the virologist claimed that she unearthed a cover-up operation. According to her, the Chinese government was already aware of the virus long before acknowledging it publicly.

The doctor was allegedly forced to run away to the United States as she feared for her security. Dr. Yan appeared on a British talk show “Loose Women” on the 11th of September from an undisclosed location. She spoke about her research and challenges during the show.

The virologist claims that she conducted two studies in China, one between December to early January, and the second in mid-January. When she reported her findings to her supervisor, who is also a consultant at the World Health Organisation (WHO), she received no response. She was warned to keep silent and not cross the line or she would be made to disappear. She also mentioned that people are scared of the government, but this was something more urgent. The virologist also mentioned that another reason behind her revelation is that during the Chinese New Year a lot of huge transportations take place between China and the rest of the world. Moreover, since the virus is dangerous and highly contagious, she wanted to do what is best for humans and global health.

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Dr. Yan also mentioned that she had contacted a Chinese YouTuber in the U.S on January 17. According to the expose, which was in Chinese, it was stated that the COVID-19 crisis was being covered-up by the Chinese Communist Party. It was also revealed that human to human transmission of the disease was already happening. The expose also revealed that the virus was a high-mutant form and that an outbreak was imminent. Lastly, it was revealed that the Wuhan seafood market and the hosts, which were intermediate, were only a smokescreen.

Dismissing reports that the virus is from Chinese wet markets, the doctor also said that her intelligence is from local doctors, CDCs, and other people in the country. She also made a stunning claim that the virus is not natural. When asked if she had scientific proof, the doctor mentioned that she is working on a report in collaboration with a few top scientists. The report will be published soon.

The doctor was helped by a New York-based foundation in fleeing Hong Kong. She also spoke about her report that is yet unpublished. The doctor mentioned that it could be read by anyone, even those who do not know much about biology. According to her, since genome sequences are like fingerprints, sequences can be identified. Moreover, she has used existing evidence of the genome sequence of the virus to show people why she feels this virus has come from China. The virologist also added that it is essential for us to know about the origins of this extremely dangerous virus.

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