Using technology to combat Corona virus

Using technology to combat Corona virus

Corona Virus: Using the available technology can help in combating this pandemic which has caused havoc and confusion around the world. COVID-19 has definitely exposed the fragility of humans and also the downside of interconnecting. As compared to the previous pandemics, the world is equipped in a better manner to handle this pandemic. The technology solutions have helped in ways and means that cannot be imagined.  China, where the virus struck first, was also the first country to combat the virus with the help of technology.

Positioning Technologies:

This positioning technology is extremely important during disasters. The first responders and the Government need precise positions for assessing the situation accurately, finding out the risky areas, and carry out the rehabilitation and relief work in accordance to this. China was able to build make-shift hospitals across the country with the help of reliable mapping and data.

Monitoring via Satellite:

During the time the make-shift hospitals were being built, the satellite was closely monitoring their progress in China. Multiple data sources were analyzed to find out the site that could be best for the make-shift hospitals.


To prevent any further spread of the Corona virus, China used robots for serving meals in the hospitals, spraying disinfectants, dispensing hand sanitizers, and more. There were many hospitals where you found robots being used even for diagnostics and conducting the required thermal imaging.

Health Sensors and Apps:

The health rating system in China can track millions on a daily basis for this corona virus. This is a smart phone that assigns three colors to different people, red, yellow and green in accordance to their travel history and their medical history. The color code decides whether the individual needs to be quarantined or no. Only those with the green color code were allowed in public places after using the QR code that was designated.

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Use of Drones:

In those areas where the people were at a higher risk of getting the virus, you found drones taking over. These were transporting patient samples and medical equipment. This could enhance the speed of the delivery and also save on time, preventing any type of contamination.

You also found drones with placards with a QR code that were scanned for registering any health information. Disinfectants were sprayed in the country side by the agricultural drones.

Facial Recognition and Big Data:

Dashboards are created to monitor the virus continuously as they have access to the public data. There are many companies who use Big Data to create dashboards. Temperature detection techniques using infrared and facial recognition are installed in many cities.

Smart phones are used to find out the movement of the people and also find out if they have been in contact with anyone infected. To ensure that people who have been quarantined do not step out, China has installed CCTV cameras.

Though, in the recent scenario, these keeping tabs might work out as a positive but there are risks attached to this. You might lose out on your total freedom as your movements are tracked by the government. This can be losing out on democracy.

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