User of Xiaomi Phone turns the in-display Fingerprint scanner into a Camera

Xiaomi Phone

The new technology announced by Xiaomi enables the users to unlock their phones in one touch. This is tough with the technology of the current generation. The in-display fingerprint tech currently, those who use the phone multiple times, need to scan the fingerprints multiple times for unlocking this device. This has been, now, fixed by the company.

The company states that it has ensured an increase in the screen area that can read the fingerprint of the user for unlocking the device.

At present, the sensor works on an area or spot that is pre-defined.

The Mi 9T Pro can be considered as an ‘eye-catcher’. The camera is a pop-up and people seem to be fascinated by this. Another attraction in these phones is the swirling designs of the glass. These designs are blue and red. This Xiaomi smart phone is considered an ‘affordable’ buy, with the advanced specifications and features.

Some of the other benefits to this smart phone are the 6.39 AMOLED screens, a good battery life, a 3.55 mm headset jack with no camera notch in the front. These Xiaomi smart phones work out affordable as Xaomi sells their products to the consumers directly through the stores online. There are no extra costs as there are no distributors involved. There is no money spent on advertising as most of the advertising is done on Social Media or word to mouth.

You might find this crazy but you can ‘try’ converting this in-display fingerprint sensor of the smartphone into a camera. Before getting into this, you need to be aware that the results of this camera are going to be terrible. This is the fingerprint sensor that is optical, is specifically designed to focus only till the display glass and not beyond this. There are also chances of the component getting damaged permanently when you use third party apps to tweak the settings of the phone.

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A user on Reddit posted the feed of imaging from the fingerprint scanner of his Xiaomi Mi 9T.  This was done only to find out how the scanner looks for different objects. The Activity Launcher app was used for accessing the hidden activities in the phone. This is reported in Android Authority. The video of this is posted on Reddit. The quality of the video from the fingerprint scanner is terrible with absolutely low-resolution. This was expected.

This experiment proves that it is not possible to spy from the in-display fingerprint scanner. You can relax and stop worrying. The concern here is the company allowing access easily to hidden activities, using the apps by third-party.

You can check out how the in-display fingerprint scanner operates just out of curiosity, but you need to be aware that this might not work all the time.

You now know that in-display fingerprint scanners have a camera lens inside. This is made to focus only on the display glass. The job of this is to only check for the fingerprints and not for selfies.