Types of Video Content you need for your Marketing Strategy

Video Content

Video Content :At times a cute Boomerang or a witty status on Facebook is not enough for marketing your brand.  You need to level-up your marketing strategy by creating specific videos. Here are few tips to help you.

Listed are some types of videos you can choose from for your brand or services.

  1. The Spot

You can choose for a commercial that is 15 to 30 seconds long. This is termed as the ‘spot’. The content depends on what you are trying to sell or promote.

These videos can be shown in the commercial breaks on TV, before the trailers start of the movies or before the YouTube videos.

You need to ensure that this video created is engaging immediately and to tell your story in the short time available.  These videos can be perfect for Instagram or Facebook.

  1. The Explainer

An explainer video is perfect if your business offers goods or even services that are not easily understood. This can be on the landing page or the home page. These videos have a voice cover with animation.

  1. Product Demonstration

Product demonstration videos are for flaunting the services you offer or the product you sell. This does not require you to explain the working of the product, but showing off the benefits, different features and the perks.

The charismatic host in these videos speaks with passion about the specific product. You can go all the way and get creative in these videos.

  1. Behind the Scenes Video

If you have an interesting process behind the manufacture, production and distribution, go ahead and show this. The audience would like to get the knowledge of how your products are manufactured.

  1. The Company Culture Video

These company culture videos can highlight the company’s ethics. This helps in marketing the brand totally.

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These videos can also attract new talent. There are times you need to market your brand to potential employees and not the customers. This is an essential requirement for business growth.

  1. Customer Testimonial Video

Attract new businesses by getting the existing customers sell your brand. Potential customers can see your existing customers being passionate about the brand, and can get convinced to go for the same.

  1. Web Series

Web series work out to be the toughest of all the videos, but these are definitely unique and a lot of fun. These are script videos that are short and revolve around the business.

  1. The Employee Portrait Video

Instead of a short blurb and a headshot about the leaders of the company on your website, short videos can help the audience in engaging with the business on human levels.

Video production is definitely a lot of work, but is totally worth. You need to know that a video well made can capture the attention of the audience for a long period of time. You can leverage the brand in those places where text and still images cannot go. All you need is a little effort and time.