Trump Tests ‘Positive’ with COVID-19; Taken to Military Hospital


After testing positive for the dreaded COVID-19, a fatigued President Trump was taken to the Walter Reed National MedicalCenter. President Trump was injected with an experimental combination of drugs on Friday at the White House.

The President, who has been downplaying the severity of the coronavirus, had to cancel all campaign events. This has happened when there is just a month of campaigning left before the elections. More than 205,000 Americans have lost their lives to the coronavirus. According to the White House, Trump might stay for a few days at the hospital as a precaution. The hospital’s presidential suite is equipped to let the president continue his duties and the president will continue working from there.

Trump left the White House wearing a mask and gave the reporters a thumbs-up. He did not interact with anyone and boarded the Marine One. The crew members, staff members, and Secret Service agents, all wore masks to protect themselves.

President Trump taped a video before leaving for the hospital saying that he thought he was doing well and that they would make sure things work out. Trump’s announcement that he tested positive came at 1 in the morning on Friday, after he returned from a fundraiser. Trump attended the event without revealing anything to the attendees. This was although he knew that he had been exposed to an aide who tested positive.

First Lady Melania Trump also contracted the infection, along with many others at the White House. This news is a matter of concern as it is possible that people from the White House, including Trump, might have spread the virus further.

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Trump has been constantly trying to convince people in the country that the pandemic is way past its worst phase. He has also not paid heed to the fact that he is vulnerable to the virus. Trump has also refused to follow guidelines like wearing a mask or maintaining social distancing, even though his administration had issued them. Till his diagnosis, Trump continued holding rallies which were attended by thousands of supporters, often without masks.

According to press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, the president showed mild symptoms and remained in good spirits. McEnany also said that the president will be working from the military hospital as a precaution. Trump’s physician also said that the president has been injected with an experimental antibody dose by Regeneron. The first lady has a headache and a mild cough while the rest of the family tested negative.

Democratic nominee Biden, his running mate Kamala Harris, Vice President Pence, Judge Amy Coney Barrett, all tested negative. Utah Senator Lee and North Carolina Senator Tillis, both tested positive for the coronavirus.

A lot of White House officials were getting tested on Friday, however, the full extent of the outbreak will not be known for a while as it takes a few days for the infection to be detected. The officials with the medical unit of the White House were tracing contacts of the president.

Trump’s response to the pandemic was already hugely different from Biden, who spent most of the last few months showing grave concern about the virus. Biden conducts campaigns with smaller crowds with social distancing. Biden also makes it a point to wear a mask regularly in public, something Trump has ridiculed. In a statement, Trump had mentioned that he did not wear masks like Biden who wore the biggest masks every time.  Biden tweeted prayers and wishes for Trump’s recovery from the virus.

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Other leaders who have tested positive for the virus include British Prime Minister Johnson, Brazilian President Bolsonaro, and former Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi.