Tricks to get maximum cashback on Google Pay

Google Pay

Now in the digital era, we are using online banking, like NEFT, GooglePay, Phone Pay, PayTM lot more,  Digital payment is a way of payment that is made through digital modes. In digital payments, payer and payee both use digital modes to send and receive money. It is also called electronic payment.

Here are few tips to get maximum CashBack on GooglePay, I would suggest you can try at least once, as per my experience I have earned maximum Cashback. Now in this pandemic situation Every Paisa Matters.


  • Try to make payment maximum through Google Pay
  • Use New Payments every time you make payments
  • Use note like, bill, rent, fees, payment, money, cashback, google, every time
  • Avoid descriptions like breakfast, snacks, dinner, sweet mart, milk.
  • Possibly make payments on Friday 6:30-7:00 PM
  • Try to make accurate payments like Rs. 500
  • Pay google pay QR code in the shop to get maximum CashBack
  • Invite or refer new users to get CashBack.
  • Scratch the card immediately to get maximum CashBack

Final Note: Above mentioned all tricks based on my personal experience, it’s not liable for any assurity.

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