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Tips on How to Sell Luxury Watches

Are you looking to sell your luxury watch? Whether you want to cut down your watch collection or want to raise cash to meet your monetary needs, it is essential to consider a few things before you head out to sell your luxury watch.

However, the market for pre-owned luxury watches is booming today, both offline and online. And this is indeed good news for anyone who is looking to sell watches for cash.


If you search over the internet “Where to sell my watch?” you will find many online dealers or places where you can sell your watch to. But the real deal will lie in choosing the right buyer to rest assured that you are getting the best price possible for your timepiece.

Nevertheless, before you move out to sell your watch, consider the things mentioned below that may help you to make the process smooth and eventually, secure an accurate price of your asset.

Even for those who want to know “how much my watch is worth today?” these tips will help.

Gather the Original Box, Papers & other Accessories of your watch

The first step in selling your timepiece is to collect all the details as much as possible. Get the original box of your watch (if you still retain it), papers, warranty card or any other significant documents related to your asset.

If you sell your watch with its box and papers, it will not only make the process more convenient but also let you secure a better deal.

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The original box and papers ensure that your watch is 100% authentic, and thus, they add value. However, you can yet sell a watch without them. But it is likely not to fetch you as much as it would have with a full set.

Know the Model & Serial Numbers of your watch

You will need to ascertain the exact model and serial numbers of your timepiece so that you can confirm its accurate value. Each luxury watch is allotted a unique identification number. And the model number is the most important out of all. Why?

This is because some watch models are more popular and desirable than others, and eventually, they will fetch you more.

However, you will find the model or the serial number of your timepiece on its original papers.

Also, the numbers are engraved on different places on a watch that vary according to brand and model.

If you do not retain the paperwork, bring the watch that you want to sell straight at our shop in The Liberty Shopping Centre, Romford.

Expert watch buyers at Golden Cash will ensure you the model number, appraise it instantly and let you know your watch’s accurate value in the current market.

If you are satisfied with it, sell your watch to us, and we will pay you on the spot.

Get an initial price quote

What is the value of my pre-owned watch? For how much can I sell my luxury watch in the current market?

The best way to ascertain the price of your timepiece is by getting a free initial price quote.

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Fill up our online form, providing all details of your watch. Also, make sure to attach good quality pictures of it. We will contact you immediately with a free fair and competitive valuation.


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