Tips on Creating Instagram Reels Content

Creating Instagram Reels Content

Creating Instagram Reels Content: At present, Instagram Reels are available officially for the users in India. Previously, this was available only to selected users. With Reels, Instagram is targeting the users of TikTok.

Reels are a new video feature of Instagram. This allows you to record and also edit short videos inside the app. You can add effects, music, stickers, captions and also drawings.

Reel offers you the required opportunity for going viral and also increases the awareness of the brand. This is a new way for engaging your community and also reaches a wider audience. If you intend showing up on the Reels app it is important to ensure you create an original content.

How to Create Reels

  • The users of Instagram need to update the app.The process of creating Reels are similar to creating Stories.
  • The Reels option is available next to Superzoom, Boomerang, layout and hands-free.
  • All you need to do is click on Reels and select Music from the library on Instagram. Not many are aware that Facebook is in collaboration for providing a number of songs to the users. This helps in creating interesting Reels.
  • Reels lets the users add the AR effects and provide different options like Speed, Timer for editing the videos. Users have the option of re-recording the videos and can also delete if needed.
  • After creating a video for Reels, the users can choose to share this with everyone or only their followers.

Tips to Follow

  1. Similar to TikTok, the Reels on Instagram is available only for 15 seconds.
  2. Those with a Public account on Instagram can share Reels on Explore. This is a better chance for reels to be viewed or discovered by a wider community on Instagram. The Private account can share the Reels as Stories or DM, or to Feed with followers.
  3. Users can record the original audio which can be used by the others to create Reels. This is similar to the lip-syncing feature on TikTok.
  4. If Reels is shared only as Stories, this will disappear within 24 hours, but sharing this on Explore, this will be accessible throughout.
  5. Reels can be saved as Drafts by the users or even add a caption, change the cover image and also tag friends.
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Key Notes for Creating Reels

It is important to think about your step and then create a visual plan or a story for what you are going to capture. Your video can stand out if you add bold movements. You can use the eyedropper tool for color-matching the color of your brand. Make sure you save Reels on your phone as you cannot promote Reels on Instagram directly. You need to upload any video via the Promote when you set up your ad campaign.

Reels can work in the positive for your business as these have visibility considered to be outstanding. Shopping is also possible with the Instagram Reels soon.

Make sure you show the ‘REAL’ side of your brand so that you can increase your followers and your business.