This Google app will pay you to do simple surveys on your smartphone



Google Opinion Rewards is a rewards-based program developed by Google. It was initially launched as a survey mobile app for Android and iOS developed by Google. The app allows users to answer surveys and earn rewards. On Android, users earn Google Play credits which can be redeemed by buying paid apps from Google Play. On iOS, users are paid via PayPal. Users in the available countries who are over 18 years old are eligible.

Google Opinion Rewards is a survey app that lets you earn Play Store credits by answering questions and providing feedback. You can then redeem those credits toward the purchase of apps, music, movies, and games on the Play Store. It’s all pretty straightforward, and it’s a great way to pick up credits on the Play Store. Here’s what you need to know about Google Opinion Rewards, and how you can get started.

To get started with Google Opinion Rewards, you’ll have to download the app from the Play Store and sign in with your Google account. This is the account that will receive Play Store credits, so it’s recommended that you use your primary Google account.

Make sure you utilize your credits effectively

The credits that you get by taking surveys are valid for 12 months, and the app now notifies you if your credits are about to expire. It’s a good bet to add apps and games to your wishlist on the Play Store so that you have a list of things to purchase once you get the requisite credits.

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At this moment, there’s no way to split the balance between Play Store credits and other forms of payment. So you’ll have to wait for more surveys and accrue enough Play Store credits to pick up an app or movie, or just pay using your card.

The only caveat here is that you’ll have to finish a survey within 24 hours of getting the notification. The final payout will be based on the number of questions and their complexity, and the answers you furnish are anonymized and not linked to any personally identifiable information. Usually, surveys take anywhere from 10 seconds to a minute.

Get your app here on this website below and enjoy your credits!