Home Tech News These new features in Facebook and Google Drive you might not aware about it!

These new features in Facebook and Google Drive you might not aware about it!

These new features in Facebook and Google Drive you might not aware about it!

With the ongoing pandemic, the internet and various social media platforms have become the main tools to help us stay in touch. Whether it is conversations with family and friends or meetings at work, various tools have made it easy for us to stay connected during these trying times. To keep up with the demand, various online tools keep introducing updates and new features. Let us have a look at a few latest updates on various platforms.

‘Watch Together’ on Facebook

Facebook introduced this new tool for Android as well as iOS users. This feature will allow users to experience the Watch Videos option with friends and family. The feature will be available on Messenger Rooms as well as Messenger video calls. Messenger Rooms will permit users to add up to 50 people and video calls will allow 8. The feature is easy to use and the user just needs to go to the Messenger Room and tap on the option ‘Watch Together’. In the video calls option, the user can swipe up and select the ‘Watch Together’ option. This new feature is available to users only on cell phones.

Two-Factor Authentication on Zoom

Zoom has gained immense popularity in the last few months for online meetings and video conferencing. Zoom has recently added another layer of security, the enhanced two-factor authentication. This form of authentication increases security and prevents breaches during organizational meetings, school, or college classes. Activation of two-factor authentication requires a code along with the user credentials. Moreover, two-factor authentication can differ from user to user. Options like password, pin, fingerprints, or voice can be used along with the credentials.

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Changes in Google Drive

According to recent announcements, files that are moved to the trash in Google Drive will be automatically deleted after 30 days. This change is applicable to the 13th of October. Files would remain in the trash folder indefinitely earlier. They needed to be removed manually. Google also announced the availability of the folder sharing option in drives. As per this new feature, users will be able to share specific folders with other users.

Fingerprint Login for WhatsApp Web Sessions

WhatsApp is in the process of working on a new feature for web login. The communication tool has submitted a beta build that allows users to authenticate WhatsApp web sessions through fingerprints. As of now, the authentication includes scanning a QR code using the mobile app to initiate a web session.

Amazon Music Podcasts and Smart Plug

Podcasts with popular shows by creators like Will Smith, Dan Patrick, and Becky G will now be available on Amazon Music’s web platform, Amazon Echo devices, Android apps, and iOS across Japan, Germany,  U.S., and the U.K. India will also now have Amazon’s smart plug that is powered by Alexa. This smart plug allows users to control various devices like fans, televisions, and air purifiers.

Waze has New Features

Waze, a navigation platform owned by Google, has announced new features like notifications, trip suggestions, and lane guidance. These features will offer services like information about traffic for frequent destinations, information from previously visited locations, and instructions.


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