The Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Role of Artificial Intelligence

The recent years have seen a lot of discussion around the concept of the Internet of Things, or IoT. IoT is the collaboration of billions of devices all over the world. The common point between these devices: they are connected to the internet. Ranging from tiny to gigantic, these devices can collect and share information in real-time.

How Does the IoT Work?

A lot of objects can act as IoT devices. Any device that can collect or communicate data and use services like those on to connect it to the internet, can be an IoT device. A device like this can be controlled by a computer or a smartphone remotely.

Examples of Such Devices

Devices working on this premise are plenty and varied. Examples range from a truck without a driver to a small toy. Some devices consist of smaller components that are IoT devices. An example of this is an engine that has various tiny sensors to convey information to a hub. Below are some more popular examples of such devices.

  • Connected cars
  • Security systems
  • Smart Home technologies
  • Wearable devices
  • Smart cities

Devices like laptops and desktops are generally not considered a part of the Internet of Things. This is because as a general rule, IoT is reserved for devices that would not have been considered capable of featuring internet connectivity till recently.

Common Uses of IoT

Below mentioned are some of the ways IoT is becoming a part of our lives.

  • Drivers can use their GPS to lead the way to vacant parking slots in smart cities.
  • Farmers can use sensors to understand soil and weather conditions through data. This data can be used to program irrigation equipment to get better crops.
  • Weather experts can use sensors to check for earthquakes and associated risks.
  • Security cameras set up at home can detect environmental changes and alert homeowners with the help of smartphones.
  • Elevator monitoring systems can track functioning and send information to engineers. This can lead to timely maintenance and avoid elevator failures.
  • Healthcare professionals can remotely monitor the conditions of multiple patients.
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Role of Artificial Intelligence

AI will play an important role in the ever-emerging Internet of Things. AI can be used to understand the data that is collected from various devices. AI can be used by industries such as healthcare and agriculture to interpret and analyze data. AI can be used to process information at high speeds. Machine learning can be used to detect patterns, anomalies, and process big data. This can help us make better predictions and assessments.

Benefits and Challenges

It has been said that IoT is on the path to becoming a way of life. It will soon be the new normal. However, one of the biggest challenges IoT poses as of now is that of security. Even though governments have started setting up new rules to protect data, we have a long way to go for IoT to reach their full potential.

Whether we believe it or not, IoT is here to stay. It offers convenience, connectivity, and so much more.