The Essential Skin Care

The Essential Skin Care

Each and every single year in the summer seasons the skin of our body takes a big toll on itself. The pollution of the cities, extreme heat, and humid weather takes away the natural glow of the human skin and even sometimes gives an invitation to the infections. In order to get rid of the hassles and the problems of the skin, people need to follow some tips.

  • Sunscreen is a necessity– Leave all those previous year’s unused sunscreen for a fresh one. They are actually not intended to last forever. The main thing is that most of the people do not use as much as they ought to. Get a new sunscreen that has UVA and UVB products and also comes in SPF 30 and 70. You must have to apply a full teaspoon on your face and again apply it every one to two hours to make sure about the summer full of safe sun fun.
  • Exfoliate your body– The basic rule of skin care is exfoliating your skin. Grasp a body scrub and hit the shower then softly rub your exfoliator on your complete body in spherical movements and at last rinse clean. You must carry on this two to three times a week for beautiful glowing skin.
  • Go for a nominal make-up– Under the sun, original looks are the best as we know that during summers less make-up is best. If you are using foundation then apply face powder too with SPF to neglect patchy skin. Also always use lip balm to make your lips fresher. Eye make-up must be avoided in summers specially.
  • Use water as your best companion– Eight glasses of water are required daily. Drink at least once every after thirty minutes in order to feel fresh, prevents dehydration, and also will assist in washing out a lot of toxins.
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