Taj Mahal- Delhi


Ever since I can remember, the Taj Mahal has always been somewhere I’ve wanted to see. It’s been on my bucket list for a long time, so I was thrilled when Bradley and I decided to visit India, because I knew I would finally get to see it.

You know when you seen something in the pictures, and on the tv so much that you think it will be a disappointment when you see it in person? Well, the Taj Mahal is not like that.

It is even more breathtaking and beautiful in person and I believe everyone should make it a priority stop on their India travel itinerary.

So, in the interests of encouraging you to see this beautiful structure, I thought I’d do a little Taj Mahal travel guide with everything you need to know, the prices, and the best time to visit.

The East Entrance Gate

Where Is The Taj Mahal Located?

The Taj Mahal is located in Agra, India. It’s part of the so-called cultural triangle which includes Agra, Jaipur, and Delhi. It’s only a few hours from Delhi so lots of people take day trips from there, rather than staying the night in Agra.

Agra is a “tourist” trap, but to be honest, that doesn’t make it expensive to western standards, and I think you should stay a night in Agra, because there are so many fantastic hotels in Agra near the Taj Mahal, such as the one we stayed in.

When Is The Best Day To Visit The Taj Mahal?

The Taj Mahal is closed on Fridays- so don’t go then.

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I would avoid a Saturday too, if you can. We went on a Saturday and it was beyond busy in the morning. We got there around 2 hours before the opening time and the place had hundreds of people already there before the doors were open.

This meant trying to get that perfect shot was a lot more difficult.

But, our tuk tuk driver said Monday’s are the quietest day, and I do know people who’ve been to the Taj on sunrise and it’s empty for like an hour, so perfect. This still happens during the week, just not on a Saturday, for obvious reasons.

Other Information About The Taj Mahal

In the interests of telling you everything I know then here are some other great travel tips:-

Don’t bring playing cards into the Taj…they are taking off you. I don’t know why we had playing cards, but we did lol.

You go through security, so expect a bag search, body search etc.

You have to take your shoes off to walk around the Taj and in the actual Taj Mahal. If you are on a tour you can usually get little feet covers (you get them with your ticket if you buy it at the counter too). This means you put them over your shoes. OR you can simply take your shoes off and leave it with the shoe guy for free (leave a 50 rupee tip)
You can’t take pictures inside the Taj Mahal main building (you won’t want to)

If you want your pictures to pop then wearing a bright colour, like blue, green or red that pops with the white of the marble.

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You can get a cup of masala tea whilst waiting in the queue.

Men and women queue separately, so if you’re travelling as a couple, you’ll be queuing solo.

Don’t buy souvenirs as they whack the price up way too high because you are next to the Taj Mahal.

Don’t buy souvenirs as they whack the price up way too high because you are next to the Taj Mahal.