Study says that People with Thyroid have a Greater Risk of Anxiety

Study says that People with Thyroid have a Greater Risk of Anxiety

A recent study showed that inflammation of the thyroid needs to be investigated as this has shown as an underlying factor in those with psychiatric disorders, like anxiety.

Anxiety is a mental disorder that needs to be taken seriously as this has a negative impact on the quality of life. This can also affect the ability to socialize and work. Medication for anxiety does not last very long in managing this problem. As mentioned, a recent study has shown that those who suffer from autoimmune inflammation of the thyroid are at a greater risk of anxiety.

Presently, the investigations for anxiety focus on the dysfunction of the nervous system and do not include the endocrine system.

Anxiety Explained:

Anxiety and anxiety disorder are two different conditions.

  1. Regular Anxiety:

Here are a few factors that can determine your anxiety is not a disorder.

Worrying or going through a period of sadness immediately after you have lost a loved one or after a traumatic event is normal anxiety. Most of us go through this. Maintaining hygiene not only personally but also in your surroundings is also normal, for most people. A big match can lead you to be anxious. Worrying about job interviews, exams, or other events that are important is also normal.

  1. Anxiety Disorder:

Constantly fearing any situation that is performance-related or is based on the social level is not very normal. You constantly fear that your behaviors will embarrass you or affect you in some way. This constant fear is obviously a disorder.

This anxiety is also considered a disorder when your day-to-day activities are hampered due to your constant worrying. The irrational fear you have of a place or probably an object is a disorder. This can be a fear of entering an elevator, feeling that you might not be able to escape if there is a problem.

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Facing repeated flashbacks of a traumatic event that you have been exposed to and worrying about this is no way normal. Repetitive cleaning and rearranging the things around you is anxiety to a high level.

Symptoms of Anxiety Disorder:

You need to seek the help of a qualified mental health professional if you experience too much of anxiety most of your waking time. The most common symptoms of anxiety disorder are

  • Restlessness and growing worries
  • Heavy breathing and an increase in heart rate
  • A tightening sensation in the chest
  • Obsessing over things that are needless

This leads to compulsive behavior.

Some Causes of Anxiety Disorder:

Anxiety disorder can be due to a stressful event that you are not able to get out from.

Another factor leading to an anxiety disorder is family history. You need to be aware that this can be passed down in a family.

Health issues like asthma, thyroid, or heart disease can lead to anxiety disorder.

Finally, those who use drugs or other such substances for a long period of time can develop an anxiety disorder. You can say this is most common with this section of people.