Serious Men movie review – 2020

Serious Men movie review

Serious Men movie review: With the release of ‘Serious Men’ the brilliant actor, Nawazzudin Siddiqui managed a hat trick in ‘hits’ on Netflix. This movie is considered to be one of the finest movies of the year.

Netflix should be considering paying more attention to Nawazzudin Siddiqui instead of the mascot, Radhika Apte, as Nawazzudin has been delivering top-tier content for this streamer. After ‘Sacred Games’ and ‘Raat Akeli Hain’, ‘Serious Men’ will complete a hat trick for Netflix hits.

This film is based on Manu Joseph’s novel. It narrates the story of Ayyan Mani, who is a Dalit personal assistant to a scientist of the Brahmin community. After a span of time of being called names like ‘moron’ or even ‘imbecile’, this Ayyan channelizes his anger at the world by taking to con. He starts his journey of social mobility in the upper class by managing to convince everybody that his 10-year-old son is a genius.

Sudhir Mishra’s perception of the common man has changed since the year 1983 when ‘Jaane Bhi Do Yaron’ was released.

Ayyan seems to be a complicated individual. His fury seems to be justified as he has been oppressed by the nation but, at the same time, it is difficult to like him. ‘Serious Men’ can be termed as a jail break movie. Ayyan seems to be trapped in the prison of Mumbai metamorphic- ally, the high rise towers surrounding his chawl like the bars of a prison.

This movie is funny in a wicked manner and the schemes of Ayyan are perversely enjoyable. This movie is one of those movies that have captured the mood of the nation.

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As compared to the bigger stars who talk about physical transformations and surviving boot camps for six months for a character, Nawazzudin is one actor who can slip into any character without much of an effort. His body language seems to alter his physical stature.  Here is an actor who is neither imposing nor diminutive but can pull off both through his performance.

With this movie, ‘Serious Men’, Nawazzudin got an opportunity to exercise the dominant and the submissive aspects of the personality of Ayyan.

In an early scene, Ayyan tells his wife that it takes nearly four generations for a man to summit the social ladder. According to him, they belong to the second generation which he prefers calling ‘2G’. This generation is incapable of having a good time. Their child will be of the 3rd generation, where he will be capable of pondering over bigger questions of life and will also be well educated.

Ayyan also feels that his grand-child will have nothing to work for and no reason to work.

Ayyan soon realizes that the odds are stacked against him and there are road blocks at every corner for men who are like him. ‘Serious Men’ is a critique of the broken education system in India and a takedown of the tendency of Indian parents projecting their dreams that were unfulfilled upon their children.