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Benefits of Getting Up Early

It is definitely difficult to get up earlier than your normal time and not feel tired. Following some tips listed below can help you with this.

As known, early risers are praised a lot. They are supposedly more productive during the day and better at solving problems. This might be true to a certain extent but waking up before the alarm rings, can be taxing for many. Your body is tuned to a specific ‘waking’ time and pushing it to get up earlier can lead to fatigue and frustration.

Research conducted has proved that the ‘quality’ of sleep is more important than the ‘quantity’ of sleep. How much sleep you need depends on your body, that is to say, each individual requires a different amount of sleep. There is no fixed rule for this.

You need to be aware that there are four elements that can get you into the habit of getting up early consistently.

  • A compelling reason to get up
  • Sleeping early
  • Building a wake-up response
  • Bolstering your efforts with help from other people or tools.
  1. A Compelling Reason to Get up

Try throwing in something that motivates you to form the habit of getting up early. You need to plan out something that is exciting. You can add a routine that can help you in your long-term goals in the mornings. This can be fitness, or even working early in the morning. Adding a single habit that you enjoy can help you get up early sans any fatigue or tiredness.

  1. Building an Automatic Wake-up Response

You have three options on how to respond when the alarm goes off in the morning. You can either

  1. a) lay in bed for some time, trying to convince yourself to get up
  2. b) Jump out of the bed immediately or
  3. c) Use your will power to curl back under the blanket and shut yourself to all the outside noise.
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For forming a consistent habit of waking-up early, it is important to choose option B. This works well as it does not give you any time to get tempted with the soft pillow, blanket, or quilt. The decision made in a few seconds immediately after the alarm goes off can make all the difference.

Your brain gets into a wakeful state only when you jump out of bed and start your planned routine. You need to keep moving so that the grogginess and sleepiness can disappear.

  1. Using Technology to your Advantage

Technology can be really helpful for this routine of waking up early. Almost all phones have a wide range of alarm apps these days. Most of these alarms are successful in getting you out of bed.

Benefits of Getting Up Early

There are multiple benefits of getting up early. Knowing and understanding even a few of these can be a convincing factor.

a)Mental Fitness

Try getting up early and you find there is a drastic reduction in the levels of your stress. Rising early means you can go about your morning chores without having to rush, and this brings down the stress automatically. The positivity developed during the morning stays with you throughout the day.

  1. b) Physical Fitness

Those who get up early have the time for a healthy breakfast. This is an important meal of the day and these needs to be healthy. If you get up late, you are in a hurry and tend to gobble down whatever is available. This can be habit-forming.

  1. c) Happier People

Research has proved that early risers are happier people as they tend to be more positive. This is not only for a short time but happy overall in life. They can tackle problems without getting stressed or getting negative.

  1. d) Exercising Enjoyable

Though you can exercise any time of the day, doing so in the mornings has its own set of benefits. The first benefit is that you never miss this due to being too tired or due to other commitments. You have all the time of the world as you have woken up early.

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With all the positivity about getting up early in the morning, it is important that you get the required sleep. This change of being an early riser cannot happen in a day’s time. You need to go slow so that you can do this comfortably.