‘Sadak 2’ the most Disliked Trailer

‘Sadak 2’ the most Disliked Trailer

A heated debate has started in the Hindi Film Industry on Nepotism, after the death of actor, Sushant Singh Rajput.  The first victim of the ire of the public is Mahesh Bhatt. He has been accused of being the ‘flag bearer’.

‘Sadak 2’ is now on the ignominy road due to this anger on nepotism. This movie is produced and directed by Mahesh Bhatt, and has Alia Bhatt and Sanjay Dutt starring in it. The trailer of this movie was released on 2nd August on YouTube. Unfortunately, this trailer received dislikes up to a 9.3 millions.

‘Sadak 2’ is a sequel to the movie ‘Sadak’ that was released in the year 1991 and had Poooja Bhatt and Sanjay Dutt as the leading pair in the film. ‘Sadak 2’ is to be released on Hotstar, an OTT platform, on 28th August.

This trailer received almost 93 lakhs ‘dislikes’ in a mere 48 hours after it was released.

Almost 95% of those who viewed this video has ‘disliked’ it and this makes it the most ‘hated’ video on the social media platform.

Not many are aware that the second most disliked video on YouTube is ‘lakdi ki kathee’ the rhyme picturized in the movie ‘Masoom’. The version that is animated was published by Jingle toons have been disliked by 3.6 million viewers after being viewed by 1.5 billion viewers. This video has almost 4.8 million likes, unlike the Mahesh Bhatt movie, ‘Sadak 2’.

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The original video of the movie Masoom, made by Shekhar Kapoor in the year 1983, has 1.32 laky likes and the dislikes are 87, 000. This movie had Urmila Matondkar and Jugal Hansraj as children.

Viewers in present times do not appreciate remakes of favorite songs.

There is another video of Faisal Sheikh, also known as Mr. Faisu, which is among the most hated videos on YouTube. This video does not feature any plagiarism or nepotism and is only a travel vlog. This video was made when Faisal Sheikh went for a shoot to Shillong.

This video made by Mr. Faisu is viewed almost24.5 million times till now. This is disliked by 3.6 million users and liked by only 0.5 million. This works out to be 87 percent of the dislike rate.

This video was released when TikTok and also You Tube was at the peak. The YouTubers were not very kind to the TikTokers and opted for mass dislike to this vlog.

Talking about percentages, ‘Sadak 2’ works out to be the most hated video globally, but, talking about the total dislikes, this is the third.

A YouTube video that was posted by YouTube itself is has the highest number of dislikes. This video was a rewind of 2018.

This video featured some of the YouTubers  who succeeded in making it big but created some controversy over people who were excluded. This video of rewind 2018 has almost 204 million views with 18 million dislikes. This is double of ‘Sadak 2’ has received.

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There are multiple videos disliked on YouTube, one of which is of Justin Beiber, with 11.6 million dislikes. The dislike rate for this video is 45 percent.