Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Kolkota Knight Riders


IPL2021 on 18/04/2021

The Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) won by 38 runs with a score of 204/4 and Kolkota Knight Riders (KKR) made 166/8 in 20 overs.

AB De Villiers discussed with Kohli that putting on an act and body language was among the 4 points for calling the shots in a game.

There are 200 players who have faced death deliveries. AB de Villiers is above all of them. He is the phenom, the undisputed number one. He is not only a finisher but a punisher, with a 233.97 as the strike rate. How does he manage all this?

He is well balanced. After a crouch and shuffle at the stumps, he manages to be completely still till the time the ball comes down. This opens up every part of the ground.

His second ‘positive’ trait is he does not premeditate. He does walk across the crease when scooping but for most of the part his only reaction is to the ball.

De Villiers had stated that he only followed his instincts. He tries to watch the ball closely. He is sure that his talent will take over if only he watches the ball and enjoys the game.

The proof was the ball 17.5 by Andre Russell of the RCB team. The ball was coming from around the wicket and was real quick. This was cramping him for room. Besides, the added complication was that this was a full-toss.

De Villiers instincts were all set to face this ball. He bent low to the leg side so that there was enough room to thrust his hands up. He conjured up a boundary out of nowhere. This speaks of the magician that he is.

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What has changed for Maxwell?

Glenn Maxwell was 60 off 34 on a pitch where it was never easy to time the ball. The RCB team had bought him, planning to make him one of the key players. He was given the number 4 slot. He was also slotted into the leadership group. The hype of a finisher had managed to mess him up in the previous seasons. Now he is supposed to shape a whole inning. He has managed to rise to this challenge big time.

Chakravarthy is Dangerous

This IPL Varun Chakravarthy is considered to be the most important bowler for the KKR team. This is for 2 reasons; he can turn the ball both the ways and it is difficult to read out of his hand.

Virat Kohli could not read him; he aimed for a long-on and tried a big shot, and was caught at cover.

Rajat Patidar also could not read him. He was very late on a ball and managed to break the stumps.

Even De Villiers did not want to take any risk. The KKR team wanted to save Chakravarthy, so he was pulled off the attack after the first over of a double-wicket. They brought him back when De Villiers came to the crease.