Research Revealed clothes masks effective in preventing the spread of infection

cloth masks

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Masks are effective in preventing the spread of coronaviruses and more evidence has been found to prove this. According to new research, homemade clothes masks are effective in preventing the spread of 99.9 percent infected micro-drops. Surgical masks are effective in preventing the spread of such drops by 100%.

Research showed that a person standing six feet away from a masked person was 1000 times more likely to be infected than a person standing 1.5 feet away from a masked person. The team at the Roslin Institute of the University of Edinburgh said that this research suggests that wearing a mask of an infected person reduces the risk of infection.

For the study published on the preprint server, the team looked at two types of masks: surgical masks and single-layer cotton masks. On these masks, the droplets coming out of the mouth of the mannequins and coughing or speaking of humans were tested.

When the mannequin wore both masks and sprayed aerosol, only one drop out of 1000 came out. At the same time, when humans coughed without a mask, thousands of tiny droplets spread in the air. Surgical masks were found to be slightly more effective than homemade cotton cloth masks. Masks made of cloth are able to prevent large drops and drops of up to five micrometers.

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