Priyanka Chopra on COVID-19

Priyanka Chopra on COVID-19

Priyanka Chopra Jonas admits on counting her blessings during the quarantine period. She says she has realized that she is in a good spot as compared to many of the people globally.

It was during the month of May 2020; this actress put forward questions to the WHO (World health Organization) on the Corona virus and managed to busts the myths about this pandemic.

Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, the Technical Lead of the WHO and the General-Director of WHO, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus were on the live conversation with the Bollywood actress, Priyanka Chopra Jonas. More than 45,000 fans managed to participate in this conversation.

This conversation with the heads of the WHO was for clearing most of the doubts of this pandemic. There is too much circulation floating around and no one seems to have a clear picture of how to deal with this pandemic. This session was mainly for helping people clear the doubts.

She had also addressed the problem of hoarding. She requested her fans to make sure they spread awareness about the disease and tag their friends and family in the post. This can be helpful in understanding the disease and managing it better.

PC posted some of the questions asked by many and also posted the answers to these. Nick Jonas, her husband, asked the first question. This was a question on the lockdown of 21 days that happened in the initial stages of the pandemic.

Presently, this star of BayWatch is located in Los Angeles with her husband, Nick Jonas. She feels blessed as she is with her family and friends and everyone is healthy at the moment. She says she is spending her time being creative and is thus, blessed.

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She says the need of the hour is to help each other during this pandemic. These are testing times and not everyone is safe and placed right. She understands that the world is breaking and even a small step taken can go a long way in helping people.

Priyanka and her husband, Nick Jonas has donated to different organizations like Unicef, PM CARES FUND, Goonj, Feeding America and more.

At this moment, Priyanka Chopra and her husband, Nick Jonas are enjoying quality time with the new addition to the family, which is a rescue dog named Panda.

Donations, food, shelters, sponsoring education and more is all very important during these trying times as said by this Bollywood actress. The world is facing times that are not only intense but also insane but this crisis is the right time to show humanity according to this 38 year old actress.

She mentions that six to seven months are already over but there are no changes in the circumstances. Adversity has definitely affected many parts of the world and there are many dealing with hunger, poverty more than the pandemic.

She says that 10 years from now you can reflect back to these trying times and will understand who behaved how. This works out to be a testament to what the human spirit can do.