Pinterest Shares Search Trends Showing Interest in Travel

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Latest reports on search trends by Pinterest indicate that people are showing more interest in travel now than before the pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic changed life as we knew it. The rapid spread of the virus caused led to lockdowns, travel bans, and led to most of us being cooped up at home for months. However, with restrictions being eased, people are keen to move away from familiar surroundings and explore new sights and sounds.

According to a report by Pinterest, search trends show that people have much more interest in travelling now. Data suggests that more people are searching for travel-related topics. According to Pinterest, travel engagement seems to be at an all-time high, with travel searches increasing by almost 60% year over year. Travel-related searches are up 40% when compared to 2019. In fact, data from GlobalWebIndex shows that 7 in 10 people are planning to go on a vacation this year.

This presents travel marketers with new opportunities to reach out to travellers. And since travel is a broad category, digging deep into the data will provide these marketers with more insights regarding what travellers want.

According to Pinterest, these travellers can be categorized into these travel personas:

  • Rural tourists
  • Outdoor enthusiasts
  • Bucket listers
  • Culture chasers
  • Weekend travellers
  • Digital nomads
  • Memory makers
  • Foodies

Travel marketers can, with the help of these eight market segments, hone their marketing efforts to boost responses. Each segment will have its own focus and interest. Marketers can tailor their campaign messaging to connect with a better-engaged audience. All of these travel personas have been added to Pinterest Ads Manager, so that each segment can be focussed on with specific messaging.

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A rural tourist, for example, wants to get away from crowds. The tourist wants a place with room to spread out, hidden gems like small towns, and places with unique character. Pinterest has seen an 80% increase in searches regarding rural travel, an 85% increase in searches regarding countryside, and 75% increase in searches associated with lake houses.

Outdoor enthusiasts are looking for outdoor adventure after staying indoors all of last year. A lot of travellers are searching for places like Lake Tahoe, Tanzania, and Montana, to find inspiration for outdoor travel. Pinterest has seen a 150% increase in searches associated with national parks, 30% increase in searches regarding hiking, and a 65% hike in searches regarding surfing.

Digital nomads, on the other hand, want to combine work life with travel. Such travels are showing interest in places like Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Pinterest has seen a 50% increase in searches associated with digital nomadism, 1.6 times increase in searches about campers and trailers, and 1.8 times increase in searches about starting small businesses.

Memory makers are looking for travel experiences that can turn into memories that last for a lifetime. Culture chasers are the travellers expressing interest in exploring different cultures and new places, while foodies are searching trends on how to enjoy food like locals.

All of these types of personas have one thing in common: creating a meaningful travel experience. According to Pinterest, travel marketers can use this data to provide tips to travelers to prepare them for their new adventure. They can provide inspiration, trip ideas, and routes based on personal interests. They can target specific personas through Pinterest Ads.

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