New Invention for Those Suffering from Chronic Snoring “SleepMagic”

Chronic Snoring

Thousands are familiar with the number one nuisance of the bedroom – snoring. Approximately 3 out of every 10 women and 4 out of every 10 men, middle age, snore in their sleep.

There is a device, SleepMagic that is available in the market which not only improves your sleep but also prevents snoring.

As known, snoring leads to loud noises while breathing in the upper airways when you are asleep. The causes of this snoring are based on bottlenecks that are anatomical, like polyps, swollen tonsils, an excessively long uvula or a nasal septum that is curved. This snoring is very common in men who are more than 50 years old. You can say almost 80 percent are affected at this age.

SleepMagic Device:

This device is not only easy-to-use but also very small. This works well for combating very loud noises of snoring. This device is a small ring of silicone that needs to be pushed inside the nose. There are therapeutic magnets built-in that offer benefits. This is in accordance to Tibetan medicine.

Working of SleepMagic:

This device widens the nostril gently to reduce the respiratory resistance of your nose. This helps the airflow in a better manner to the lungs through your nose. Once your body registers that your nasal breathing is without any restrictions, it switches to nasal breathing unconsciously. This is definitely, a healthier option.

Some Benefits to SleepMagic:

This device can promote healthy breathing and can help in reducing or probably, even preventing snoring. This is free of any drugs and does not give you a dry mouth. This device can be re-used and is also hypo-allergenic.

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Here are some more tips to help you control snoring.

  1. Check out your sleeping posture. Most often, those who sleep on their back are more prone to snoring. Sleeping on your side might stop snoring altogether. You can also try out different work-outs to tighten your gut. This, too, can help in stopping snoring.
  2. A blocked nose can also cause snoring. Before you sleep, blow out your nostril totally. You can even try steaming as this can clear up all the mucus or phlegm and help you breathe free. You can apply a little ghee in each nostril before you go to bed. You need to be aware that if your nostrils are blocked frequently it can affect your health in a negative manner.
  3. Before hitting the bed, put a few drops of honey in your mouth. This helps in the prevention of snoring.
  4. Jog every day for 5 to 10 minutes. Include this in your daily routine to avail maximum benefits. You can choose ‘spot’ jogging with your mouth closed.
  5. If none of the above seems to work you can choose yoga. There is a specific yoga called the ‘Jala Neti’. This needs some preparation. You can consult a qualified and experienced yoga teacher to get this right.

Make a little effort and sleep peacefully without the ‘snoring’.