Myths And Facts About Kidney Transplantation

Myths and facts above Kidney Transplant

Myths And Facts About Kidney Transplantation: Kidney transplant in India often opts whenever someone has kidney failure in order to make them live a healthy and better life. No matter if you choose any of the best kidney transplant hospitals in India, there are always some myths surrounding kidney transplant, focusing on how you should get it, costs, aftercare, the right time to get it, how you can get a donor and if you should get a medical second opinion. Kidney transplantation can be the best solution for any of the health complications that are caused to the kidneys. However, there is a great gap between the number of available donors and the kidneys in demand. This can be due to the lack of awareness about its valuable treatment and various misconceptions that are associated with a kidney transplant.

Here is VanyaHealth bursting the most common myths and explaining how a kidney transplant might help you in improving the quality of your life. 

Myth 1: Kidney donors can’t live a normal life without relying on medications and due to life-long encounters with diseases.

Fact: If you’re doubtful that the donor will have to take medication for his or her entire life then please note it only happens during the time of post-surgery to help with the recovery. All donors are subjected to thorough medical checkups and careful assessment of health after the surgery or kidney treatment in India. 

Myth 2: Kidney transplant can be a very expensive treatment when compared to dialysis

Fact: In the case of kidney failure, Dialysis will be needed throughout the lifetime of a patient. And if you start comparing the costs of frequent dialysis with the one-time cost incurred in kidney transplants in India, the transplant turns out to be a better deal.

Myth 3: Anyone can become a donor and donate a kidney for transplantation

Fact: It is nothing like that. Only the close relative and family members like nephews, nieces, first cousins, spouse, brothers, and sisters are eligible to become a kidney donor as per the best nephrologists in India. A kidney from a cadaver or deceased donor can only be obtained once you complete the waiting period.

Myth 4: Kidney transplant isn’t successful most of the time

Fact: Don’t worry as the success rate of kidney transplant hospitals in India is quite high at 95%. With the advanced technology and state-of-the-art facilities, every single medical tourism company in India is able to promote medical value treatment here. Considering the advancement of kidney treatment in India, the rate of failure is almost nil.

Myth 5: After a kidney transplant, the patient is too weak to live its normal life

Fact: It is nothing like that and with the use of proper care and diet, they can gain their strength back and live a perfectly normal life and look after their family as usual. They will just have to be a little more careful and that’s all. 

Myth 6: It is not possible to get pregnant after a kidney transplant

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Fact: A kidney transplant does not have any adverse effect on any other functioning of the body. A female doesn’t have to compromise with her sex life or pregnancy even after undergoing a kidney transplant.

Myth 7: You won’t catch any kidney disease after getting the transplant

Fact: It is not true as you can still get a kidney disease even after a successful kidney transplant in India. The patient is recommended to follow a strict diet plan, keep his or her hygiene and exercise on a regular basis to keep kidney disease or any other sort of infections in the kidneys away. 

Myth 8: After a male donates his kidney, he loses the ability to provide for a family

Fact:  If you think that a male loses his capacity to work and bring food to the table after donating his kidney then please note that donating a kidney does not have any effect on the productivity of a person.

Myth 9: A donor will stay on bed rest post-surgery

Fact: The donor will be able to walk independently after the surgery and before he or she could get discharged from the hospital.

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