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Instagram Introduces Stories Drafts

Instagram Introduces Stories Drafts

Instagram announced that there will be a new option available for saving Intagram Stories as ‘Drafts’.

Instagram Introduces Stories Drafts

According to Instagram, Stories drafts have been requested for quite some time now. This option offers more flexibility in making use of Stories, and this will also benefit different brands looking to ensure posting updates at the right time for the audience.

At present, you are able to save Stories by any third party app or probably download these on your device. These do not work conveniently as these are not native to IG (Instagram). When you have your drafts within the specific app, you can view these as these appear to the users, you can also use the full feature set of Instagram in the creation process of your draft.

The date of release has not been announced by Instagram so far, but it will be soon.

Instagram has also been warning the users of different scammers who are trying to get information from the account holders of Instagram, by sending fake notifications.

What is Draft Function and How It can help Marketing

For editing Instagram content, the process was one way. The app could not save pictures while the editing was halfway, along with adding effects or filtering. The only option you had was to complete the edit in one go or the changes are lost.

This option for saving the changes as draft will be beneficial for all those who use Instagram.

You can conveniently edit all that you want and use the ‘Save Draft’ option. This folder of Drafts is in the Library with the different pics you can further edit or probably publish. You have more control over the posts and all the freedom you need to tinker.

Helping Businesses

For those businesses that use Instagram for promoting their services or products, it is important to ensure that the photos can cut through and make the required impact with the audience as they are scrolling through the timeline.

Now you can take as long as you wish for tweaking the photos and use editing tools and filters till you find this perfect.

Instagram Drafts can also be beneficial as you can now schedule.

Previously, if you needed to publish any specific photo, you had to create the photo at the time you had to post this. Now, you will have the choice of pre-editing many photos. Then all you need to do is open the app when you have to publish these and do so by going to the ‘Draft’ folder.

Users can use the ‘saved drafts’ for viewing what you have saved. All you need to do is click on the camera button and tap ‘all photos’. Instagram has been testing this particular feature to ensure that this was accepted by the many users.

Instagram has also got a ‘Manage’ option to the drafts section. This helps you to remove what you do not need.

This option has its own set of benefits, not only for individuals but also different businesses.

Stay Safe from Different Scams on Instagram

As known, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. This has now attracted different fraudsters looking to make some fast money.

Stay Safe from Different Scams on Instagram

Since the time this was launched in the year 2010, Instagram has got more than 1.15 billion users who share a massive number of around 95 million photographs each day.

Due to the open nature of the platform and its popularity, fraudster are all set to scam people.

Scammers on Instagram use different methods for coercing you into becoming a victim of an attack or a theft. Normally, you find these fraudsters seeking either money or some important information. There are quite a few who can use you for spreading a malicious code to co-workers or loved ones.

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Effective scams gain your trust and love and can do so by paying attention to every detail presented to you.

New Scam

The new scam at present targets the Instagram influencers. The criminals masquerade as brand managers and rob the sponsors off their personal details. This can be address, banking details, phone numbers and more.

As per a Security Agency, these scammers are now exploiting the popularity of the many influencers. These criminals pretend to be a known brand and put forward an advertising deal to the influencers. If the influencer is gullible and falls for this trap, they tend to hand over the bank details for payment by the brand.

On-going Scams

Other than the above, there are phishing scams that seem to be never-ending. The criminals send a suspicious link to your e-mail or on your Instagram direct. The user gets tricked into sharing the password and logging name on a fake page. After getting the required information, the cyber criminals change the password and also log out of the accounts. This account is then used for exploiting other people.

The scammers also make use of your Instagram account to extract money from your family and friends. The scammer pretends to be in distress and asks for financial help from your friends and family. Most often, the friends forward the money on the given number, believing that it is you in need.

It is advisable to inform your family and friends that you would ask any help directly and not put this up on social media. This can help them in being alert.

Fake Investment scams

The scammers approach the victims via the messaging feature on Instagram. This will be done after they have advertised for their service.

They will convince you to make an initial investment that can be used for trading. Once you make the payment, it is impossible to track them.

It is important to be cautious before you click on a suspicious link, even if this is from a friend. You need not respond to any messages from unknown people. You need not pay heed to accounts representing public figures or large companies that are not verified.

The best way to avoid scams is to ensure you make your account ‘Private’.

New Search Option for Direct Messages by Twitter

New Search Option for Direct Messages by Twitter

It has been quite some time since the Twitter users have asked for an improvement in the search features of DM.

The users need to search messages by their content not only by the user name.

Now Twitter is all set to give in to this request by its users. Twitter has also experimented with search features that are advanced. This searching by the content will work out to be one of the most important advances by Twitter. There are considerations to privacy that are being looked into. This search for keywords for DM will definitely be helpful as this can make Twitter more helpful.

This can work in the positive for your business.

How to use Twitter for Business for Engaging with Customers

There are multiple businesses that use Twitter to engage with different customers and keep them informed of different services, products and other news. You can use the Direct Message (DM) to reach out to the highly engaged customers and boost your business.

What are DM’s on Twitter?

Direct Messages can help the users engage in a private conversation on Twitter. The user can send a direct message to any single follower or even start a group conversation. Twitter helps you to chat with business accounts privately.

Any individual can start a conversation with a specific brand by clicking on this ‘Direct Message’ link in one of the tweets, or probably open the ‘Direct Message’ view on the Twitter app.

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As compared to the generalized tweets on Twitter, you can connect with customers via the ‘Direct Message’ link personally. This works better for any business.

Some Benefits of using Direct Message (DM)

  1. Audience is highly engaged

The users of Twitter are said to be early adopters. This is because they are consistent on staying at the cusp on new information and technology. Almost 80% of the users of Twitter want to discover what is new and almost 59% users work out to be the first buyers.

  1. Low Cost

This DM of Twitter is over-the-top (OTT) channel for messaging. This allows communication between people in real time, free. The apps have overtaken SMS as these are free and are also fast. You can communicate worldwide. You save on costs.

  1. Accessibility of the User

As known, Twitter is a messaging platform OTT. The messages can be accessed with ease over the net. Customers can receive and also send DM’s through a desktop, mobile, laptop and now, even smart watches. Your business can easily reach customers.

  1. Global Reach

Globally, the people are active on Twitter. This is a channel for engaging in real-time ad also messaging. Businesses and also the people can depend on Twitter as the apt source for information that is updated.

Twitter can benefit any business as this is a two way communication with the customer. If you fare well the business is seen in a positive light. Using twitter can help in communicating your brand personality and ethos.

Twitter to Develop New ‘Community’ Tools

Twitter to Develop New ‘Community’ Tools

Twitter is a system of ‘micro blogging’, that lets you receive and also send short posts termed as ‘tweets’. These tweets can be around 140 characters and can also include links to relevant sources and websites.

The users of Twitter follow other users. If you follow someone, you are able to see their tweets in your timeline of Twitter. You have the choice of following organizations and people with similar interests; this can be personal or academic.

You have the choice of creating your own tweets or re-tweeting any information.

There are going to be changes on the way you tweet.

Twitter, in the month of February, previewed a different groups-like option, ‘Communities’. This was a part of the Analyst Day presentation. This option would enable the users of Twitter to share the tweets within sub-group of users that have been selected, instead of sharing with everybody.

‘Communities’ can enable you to select a certain audience for each of your tweet. This could enable the users of Twitter to interact with a wide breadth of interests and topics, without getting concerned about troubling all their followers with updates that can be irrelevant or probably having to create Different Twitter profiles for different uses.

The Community page can be joinable to only those members who are able to share tweets within it. This page also has ‘About’ and ‘Home’ tabs. The ‘Home’ tab is a feed to all those tweets that were shared to the group.

The communities of Twitter are answers to groups that can provide an option of private engagement. This can enable the users to communicate with users around any dedicated interests. This can help in fostering closer communities and more of engagement in the app.

This will work out positive as Twitter is looking forward to ambitious growth in the usage. In the coming three years, Twitter aims to add 123 million more of mDAU (Monetizable Daily Active Users) and increasing this from the 192 million at present, to 315 million in the year 2023. Over the last three years, Twitter has managed to add only around 83 million mDAU . This company also wants to double the revenue from $3.7 billion in the year 2020, to a minimum of 47.5billion in the year 2023.

Twitter needs new tools for this to be made possible. That is the reason the momentum of Twitter’s development is gone on an overdrive with new tools that include ‘Spaces’, ‘Fleets’, ‘up and down votes’, ‘subscriptions’ and a lot more.

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From the perspective of the user, this is very interesting as there is value to each of these additions. You need to remember that this could possible also change your strategies on Twitter.

This means new opportunities but it is interesting to consider what each development could possibly mean for your Twitter process. At present, Twitter is only in the test mode for the different tools, but with the growth targets set, you can, for sure, expect this to happen.

Remix’ Option on Instagram being tested

‘Remix’ Option on Instagram being tested

As known, Instagram is a social media app which is normally used for uploading selfies and scrolling through the newsfeed.

TikTok has been popular globally for quite some time. Thus, it is not surprising that Instagram is working on adding a new ‘Remix’ option to the reel clone. This is now being tested with a chosen few users.

‘Remix this reel’ is an option for some users available in the menu of Reel Options. You need to select and create a clip showing reaction with the original and your video playing at the same time, side-by-side.

‘Duets’, another word for remixes, have been one of the engagement tools on TikTok. With this the users are able to respond to different trends and also engage in different memes that are viral.

This has made ‘Reels’ not only an inclusive but also an interactive tool. This has managed to spark the user’s creativity without them making any effort for original content.

Some of the users reported seeing the ‘Reels’ option in December on live testing. At present, you have more people who have got access to the new option of Remix. This is in the app in the ‘Reels’ tool.

This has not been fully rolled-out but you might get this in your IG version.

What Can You Do on Instagram?

Instagram is user friendly and has tools, features and also apps that can help you in getting more of the app.

  1. Use the Create Mode for Spicing Up Stories

Instagram is definitely the ‘raging’ social media app. It is due to this that new features and functions are added on a regular basis.

You have the expanded version of the ‘Create’ mode that can help you share the previous posts with the specific ’On this Day’ button. You also have the option of reposting Stories from followers who have tagged you , ask questions or even share GIF’s.

All you need to do is open ‘Stories’ and swipe ‘left’. You enter the Create mode. Yu can go through the different options and tap the one you wish to use.

  1. Adding Music to your Stories

You can add your favorite music to your content on Instagram. You need to swipe and find the music sticker. You can choose the song of your choice from the library. You can add lyrics also. This can be done by choosing between the different options of formatting and fonts.

  1. Connecting to your Fans

Most of those who are on Instagram are looking to grow their audience and also connect with their fans. There are some specific features now available on Instagram to help you tighten your bonds.

These are the ‘Primary and General’ inboxes for different business accounts.

You get notifications about the messages on the Primary inbox and those messages that are of low priority can be moved to the ‘General’ inbox. The Primary inbox can be exclusively for your most ardent fans.

You need to be aware that Instagram is one social media app that can work wonders for any business.