Microsoft Teams Up With America’s Second-Largest Grocery Chain


As Amazon continues on its quest to take over the world, Microsoft is gearing up towards keeping up and is taking strides in order to overtake the ‘zon.

Microsoft has recently announced its collaboration with Albertsons, the second-largest grocery chain in the United States, in order to give customers a “frictionless” shopping experience. Since Amazon acquired Whole Foods in 2017, its continued to increase its intention to move into the grocery business, prompting Microsoft to take similar steps.

The partnership between Microsoft and Albertsons will implement Microsoft Azure as well as Microsoft 365 in the stores. Executive vice president and CIO of Albertsons Anuj Dhanda says that the tech will allow the company to “transform the customer experience in our stores and digitally,” via “cognitive technologies, artificial intelligence and data science applied at scale.”

Microsoft aims to “eliminate the friction customers experience at the grocery store,” meaning lower wait times and overall making items easier to find. Employees will have an easier time keep track of inventory.

Albertsons has already implemented Microsoft Azure at its gas stations, allowing customers to drive up to a gas pump and pay through their mobile devices. Microsoft is also determined to help Albertsons by using data science to improve logistics and supply chain.

In addition to the partnership with Albertsons, Microsoft has also made deals with Walmart and Kroger, the largest grocery chain in the US.

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