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FaceBook Ad Boycott and ‘Stop Hate for Profit’

The ‘FaceBook Ad Boycott’ advertisers do not want this campaign to stop till the time their concerns were paid heed to. They have informed...

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Technology, Healthcare and Public Safety

Healthcare and Public Safety: Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. Every aspect of life, be it education, business, or safety, uses technology. Healthcare...

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3 Apps for Golfers

Technology for sports performance is soon advancing and gaining the required popularity due to the utilization of high-tech tools to enhance the performance of...

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Video Collaboration with Microsoft Teams

Video Collaboration with Microsoft Teams: Video conferencing has been used since a long time but there were times when those in the segment did...

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Beware of Counterfeit Network Equipment

Counterfeit Network Equipment: Corporate world faces a lot of problem due to counterfeit network, but most often this goes unnoticed. This sort of network...

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