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The fight against online disinformation in the context of the pandemic

Google announced more actions to cut publicity going to conspiracy theory pages around COVID-19, while Facebook rolled out a site to debunk myths about...

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Multi System Inflammatory Disorder hits Children after Coronavirus

Hyderabad has seen a steep jump in cases where children show symptoms of MIS-C, a syndrome seen after the coronavirus. More than 43 cases...

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Arjun Kapoor to donate Plasma after recuperating from COVID-19

Among the many Bollywood stars, Arjun Kapoor is one actor who has always shown interest in doing ‘good’ for society. He has now, decided...

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Can A Mask Work as a COVID-19 Vaccine? Let’s Find out

The COVID-19 pandemic, which has wreaked havoc in our lives, does not seem to show any signs in slowing down. Life, as we know...

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First Re-infection of COVID-19 in Bengaluru- What does the Government say

Karnataka is all set to cross 4 lakh coronavirus cases in a day or so. There is a constant spike in cases in this...

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