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Apple promises carbon neutrality by 2030

The firm said it will reduce emissions by 75% and that the remaining 25% will compensate it with "innovative carbon removal solutions." Tech giant Apple...

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Facebook added a section to its COVID-19 Information Center to clarify myths

The company added a new section to its Coronavirus Information Center called ‘COVID-19 Information, which aims to debunk common myths about the virus. Facebook said...

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Two women’s two in different roles!

Our society has always underestimated the power and talent of the woman Here I am sharing a lovely piece of poetry. Two women, two different roles The...

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Children and Constipation

Children and Constipation A child suffering from constipation is a fairly common phenomenon. The ailment is a common occurrence in children of all ages and...

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The Man Who Took our Breath Away: S P Balasubrahmanyam

Besides being in the ‘top stars’ category the only other common factor between Kamal Hassan and Salman Khan is S P Balasubrahmanyam. This legendry...

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