Maternity Care during COVID-19

Maternity Care during COVID-19

We are all going through trying times and to add to this if we have a family member who is pregnant it gets really tough and confusing. Working from home, businesses and schools shut and not getting out of the house has already put a high level of stress on most of us. Pregnant women need to take additional caution during these trying times. Here are a few tips that can be helpful during these times.

1.Keep a Distance:

Try staying away from people who are sick. This might be a simple cough and cold. COVID-19 is an infection that is very similar to the flu and has symptoms that resemble a cold. It is advisable to keep a safe distance from those suffering from even a simple cold. You cannot afford to be lax and take any chances.

2.Strengthening Immune System:

You need to ensure that your diet is enriched with all the nutrients. Pregnant women need a lot of proteins and calcium during this period and you need to ensure you include this in your daily diet. You need to add dairy products, legumes, eggs, salmon, lean meat, sweet potatoes. To make this simple, you can consult a nutritionist or a dietician and get the diet charted out.

  1. Proper Sanitization:

During this pandemic, WHO has issued specific guidelines for thorough sanitization and how to wash hands. It is important to follow this strictly. This is all the more important for those who are pregnant. You need to ensure you wash or sanitize your hands as frequently as possible.

  1. Stay Connected with your Doctor:

As known, the health care workers are really busy with the pandemic but the government has issued strict instructions that pregnant women need to be looked after whatever is the situation. Stay connected with your doctor and ensure you have your regular check-ups so that there are no complications with the pregnancy.

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Does Corona Virus affect the development of the baby?

Studies have proved that this coronavirus infection does not pass on from the mother to the child. The risk of this infection being passed on is almost negligible. Recent studies have also proved that babies born to mothers who were infected did not get the virus even though the mother was a ‘positive’ case.

Care to be Taken when Visiting Hospital:

Those who are uninfected and asymptomatic need to defer appointments. It is advisable to opt for teleconsultation for minor ailments. Make sure you visit the hospital only when the doctor feels it is important. Frequent trips to the hospital lead to exposure and the risks of getting infected tends to increase.

Some Basic Precautions:

Avoid any traveling if not required. Staying at home works safely during these risky times. In case you really need to go out with some work, try using a private vehicle. Make sure you follow the social distancing norm if you need to take public transport.  Masks are absolutely important even though you follow social distancing.