Marriage Advice for All the Loving Couples

Loving Couples

Living happily after is not what marriages are. You have to put in some effort and work hard to ensure this ‘happily ever after’ works for you. Two different individuals coming together to spend a lifetime is not easy. Each one has their own set of problems and wants to live life on their terms. You can forget all that sunshine and daffodils if you are not ready to make compromises and work towards making your marriage a success.

Here are some tips for all the ‘much in love’ couples out there.

  1. Physical Contact

There are a number of couples who go on without any physical contact. This physical contact gets you closer and is important for any relationship. The ‘touch’ and ‘feel’ lead to emotions. A small hug before you leave for work or a peck on the cheek can work wonders for any marriage.

Physical Contact

  1. Future Vision

It is very dejecting when you find out that your partner has been planning the future without even talking to you. Sit together and plan your future. You need to understand that marriage is a relationship that works well only if you do different things ‘together’.

Future Vision

  1. Ensure Transparency

Transparency plays a very important role in making a marriage work. Tell all is what you need to follow. This can develop trust between you and your spouse. There are no tensions and thus happiness. This ‘transparency’ can take the concept of honesty to a different level. This means, you need to also reveal all your passwords and other secrets. This makes the bond even stronger and loving.

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Ensure Transparency

  1. Together Time

Talking about ‘together’ time means just the couple taking time for themselves, sans children or friends and other family members. Try to get interested in the interests of your spouse.

Studies have proved that the ‘loving’ couples spend a minimum of 5 hours every week together.

Together Time

  1. Healthy Arguments

As mentioned, marriage is two different individuals willing to spend a lifetime together. They are bound to get into arguments. You need to make sure this does not get nasty. The arguments need to be fair. Be patient and try to understand the reasons your partner is arguing. If you feel you are at fault, apologize and move on. Do not let these arguments come in between the relationship. It is also important to forget this and not carry  baggage.

Healthy Arguments

  1. Laugh Together

Couples who can enjoy a good laugh together can have lasting and loving relationship. This helps you in building the bond and trust of the relationship.

Laugh Together

  1. Friends that are Supportive

It is important to ensure that you are surrounded by positive set of friends. These can help you strengthen the relationship. There are many people who are jealous of happy couples and tend to plot and plan on separating the couple. These so called ‘friends’ should be shown the door.

Friends that are Supportive

Take small steps and ensure this marriage works for the life time you have committed to.