Luxury high-rise flats now in Delhi. Should you buy?


India is a big market for real estate. Here people want to invest in property more than anything else. The demand and supply vary from city to city and location to location. According to recent studies, individuals in the national capital Delhi are the least interested in purchasing luxury apartments in Delhi. What could be the purpose of this low demand for real estate in Delhi? This can be answered on the basis of considering property costs. The cost of the luxury Flats in Delhi is lower when compared with that of the rate in Noida. This seems to be the biggest reason why you should not buy luxury apartments in Delhi. On the whole, we have prepared a list of some pointers that you should consider before thinking of investing your money in real estate in Delhi.

Money matters!

As we have discussed above, luxury apartments in Delhi are much more costly than in Noida. When the national capital doesn’t leave you with many options to choose from, the other adjoining regions especially Noida greets wholeheartedly. Can you just tell that for what reason would a purchaser buy a luxury apartment in congested Delhi and not book a luxury flat worth rupees fifty lakhs in Noida and appreciate the advantages of a pool, a parking area, and an exercise center? Without a doubt, the buyer would be relied upon for his own vehicle for all his drive purposes however he would appreciate a superior way of life by paying considerably less cash in Noida than choosing a high-cost luxury apartment in Delhi. Nonetheless, don’t be mixed up. Purchasers in Delhi are not left with very remarkable choices to choose from.

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For example, Gulshan Dynasty, an ultra-luxury residential project situated in Noida is offering high-class amenities and quality in the price that could not buy a regular property in Delhi.

 Advancement ruining the development

Really this makes a valid point. The advancement of a particular area lets life get worse there. Dealers at Connaught Place saw their organizations flourishing after the work on Metro network were done and began investing into more commercial properties which subsequently led to the advancement of infrastructure and got the life to get worse there. The equivalent is valid for many areas over the national capital. Without questioning the drawn-out advantages of the open activities of comparable nature and scale, we can say that the development work is doing some harm in the short and medium-term to the residential part. Now everyone is interested in running a business in Delhi but one is willing to buy a luxury flat in Delhi.

No one might want to hear loud noises and clamors associated with development work all day and every day regardless of whether they would like to jump and land on the Metro directly from their rooftops in the coming future. As the city reconstructs itself to fulfill the evolving needs, it somewhere loses the spirit of living a peaceful life.

 Less number of Reliable developers

The real estate in Delhi suffers from a scarcity of reliable developers. Being a metro city and the capital of the Nation, Delhi is crowded with a huge number of fraudsters and fake developers who are there to squeeze your hard-earned money and run away. Due to the advancement of technology and digital prospects, fake developers seem so real that a normal person cannot recognize the fact that they may cause harm. They can easily sell luxury apartments in Delhi in millions. Also, there is a scarcity of good luxury projects in Delhi. Comparatively, Noida is a trust worthy destination to find real and genuine developers easily. You can name some big brands that are operating in Noida and doing well there. For example Gulshan Homz, Noida based reputed builder who is coming with a brand new ultra-luxury residential project named Gulshan Dynasty.


 Old is not always Gold!

One potential explanation behind this could be the depreciation in property estimations. The national capital Delhi has not seen numerous new developments in quite a while. This leads to the scarcity of land to build new luxury flats in Delhi. This leads to the new projects being situated in highly crowded areas. Passing by the standard definition, a property worth a million falls under the extravagance class, and you would definitely not want to invest your money into a mess of suffocating crowd! This is the reason why the ultra-luxury project, Gulshan Dynasty in Noida is recommended.