Losing the Right to Encryption means losing Business

Data Protection

Every time a new law affecting the internet is passed by the government, tech companies need to find out if they will be able to provide their services and also protect the privacy of the users under this new rule.

For those companies that operate in countries with the legislation of anti-privacy, it is scary from the perspective of not only the user but also the corporate.

Anti-privacy laws, often, try to accomplish the goals by either bypassing or breaking encryption. This is most widely available and also the strongest form of privacy and also security in the digital age. The weakening of encryption can make not only people but also nations around the world more vulnerable to online harm.

Those governments that pass the legislation of anti-privacy are incurring costs that are unplanned and these go far beyond the chilling effects of privacy lessened.

Legislation targeting encrypted Data or Encryption is an attack on Privacy:

There are around 4 general anti-privacy laws that are targeted at encrypted data or encryption emerging globally. These are mandatory logs, warrantless access, and mandatory access to man-in-the-middle and mandatory backdoors.

  1. When a government mandates that the data centers and the ISP (Internet Service Providers) retain the activity logs of the internet or the connection records they have saved the metadata for future use or analysis.
  2. When a government has got the power to go into any data center on the sovereign and seize the servers, they are able to access encrypted data on those servers.
  3. With man-in-the-middle access made mandatory, and also the server access that is warrantless, the government is in a position to execute an attack on the encrypted data by any which mean. This includes using the vulnerabilities unpatched, known as ‘zero days’.
  4. Backdoors that are mandatory force the companies using encryption to add backdoors for allowing the government access to any data that is encrypted. In doing so, they make their customers vulnerable to different criminals and also bad actors as there is nothing like a backdoor that can be accessed only by the government.
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Encryption is a process of enciphering or scrambling data so that this can be read-only by someone who has the means to return this into its original state.

Encryption helps in keeping spies and thieves from stealing any information. Not many are aware, that you depend on encryption every day. This can protect you when you are browsing the web, shopping online, using secure messaging apps, or even banking online.

Modern encryption scrambles the data by using a secret key or value. This data can be decrypted or even readable by using a corresponding or probably the same key.

For the data that is communicated over any network the key is known by the sender and the receiver. Only the owner knows the key to data that is stored.

End-to-end encryption is encryption in which only the sender and the recipient are able to read the message.