Know the Myths about Health and Fitness You Need not follow

Myths about Health and Fitness

It is important to be health-conscious, but following every advice given to you can lead to confusion.  Stay away from myths.

You need to be aware that changing your fitness goals only because you have received some information can lead to more harm than good. It is advisable to either ask your doctor or research or find out if the advice given is the truth or a myth.

  1. Exercise can Neutralize Bad Eating Habits

There is no way you can compensate for a bad diet by exercising more. You need to be aware that almost 80% of your health and fitness depends on the food you consume. You need to either consult a health expert or even a dietician or a nutritionist to find out and plan your diet.

  1. Juicing is Healthy

The market for vegetable and fruit juice is constantly growing. This is appealing to those people who are on the lookout for an easy, quick, and digestible fix for nutrition. This juicing gets rid of the valuable fiber.

Studies have proved that consuming too many juices and avoiding the ‘real’ vegetables and fruits is connected to diabetes. There is also a possibility of facing kidney problems with the over-consumption of juices.

  1. The Best Time for a Workout is in the Morning

The best time for a workout depends on the individual. You can exercise at any time that is suitable for you. You need to only ensure that working out becomes a habit; this can be even late at night. There is some research that has proved that working out in the morning can expedite weight loss.

  1. Women need different Exercises than Men

Whatever is said, you need to be aware that men and women are from the same planet. There might be a difference in the hormones but the body structure is similar in men and women. Women focus on legs and gluts, while men focus on chest, arms, and abs.

  1. Muscle Tissue turns into Fat when you Stop Exercising

Fat tissue is from the fat cells and muscle tissue is from the muscle cells. These cells cannot convert from one to another. The truth is that when you stop exercising, the muscle does decrease in size and becomes flabby.

  1. Chewing Gum stays in Your Stomach for Seven Years

Chewing gum does not stay in your stomach for seven years and this is a myth according to experienced gastroenterologists. This passes through the system like any other substance that is not digestible. At the same time, it is not healthy to swallow chewing gum.

  1. Running a Marathon keeps you fit

There is no need to run the marathon for fitness, all you need to do is run for around 5 to 10 minutes. Research has proved that those who run for less than an hour during the week are benefitted equally as those who run 3 hours per week.

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A short burst of exercise that is intense provides the same benefits to health and is also enjoyable.

  1. Honey is just as bad as Sugar

Sugar is half fructose and half glucose and can break down easily, giving a spike to the levels of blood glucose. Honey, on the other hand, is less than 40% fructose and 30% glucose. The rest of the 20% is made of complex sugars that require more energy to break down.

Honey that is processed to the minimum is a source of trace elements like zinc and selenium and vitamins. Thus, this works out to be a healthier option as compared to sugar.

  1. You should Stretch before you Workout

The above-mentioned myth is quite popular. You need to be aware that stretching can benefit by either maintaining or increasing the range of motion via a joint. Stretching can relax the muscles.

  1. A Detox helps in Losing Weight

You need to know that most of the myths have some truth. Detoxification can lead to weight loss initially. Experts say that a long detox slows down the metabolism and makes it hard to maintain a loss of weight. Besides this, you also lose some muscle mass and the regained weight will be fat. This means, your body is less healthy and fit as compared to what it was when you started the detox. For long-term fitness, it is advisable to have a consistently healthy diet.

It is important to take advice from your doctor before you start any new health and fitness regime. This ensures that your efforts are not wasted and you can benefit to the maximum.  You can also conduct research to find out if you are following the ‘right’ tips for your health.  It is important that you make this extra effort.

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