Is Your Smart Home Spying on You?


You love upgrading everything at your home with the latest technological devices that let you control everything at your home from your phone and tablets. But do you know that from the thermostat to your light bulb, everything is recording you twenty-four into seven? This means that the smart device is collecting data from your home all the time. So no privacy? Maybe, not.

It is easy for hackers to hack your security by installing spyware at your home. Therefore, your so-called smart security can be compromised easily. So it is time that you take your security setting seriously. Do you know that the National Cyber Security Centre has also issued a warning for reviewing their security settings? These things are very concerning.

You can always call tech support to know more about changing advanced security settings easily without any hassle. Or you can refer to the guide that you get with your pack to know more.

Is your smart speaker listening to you all the time?

Digital assistants and smart speakers come in very handy and help you with many tasks. Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant help to solve your queries or make a call without you reaching the device. But they are always listening to you all the time. Many users have expressed privacy concerns regarding unwanted listening from these devices.

What you can do is minimise the threat surface that comes with these devices. To prevent them from storing what you asked for or what you talked about last time, you can tell them to delete what you just said. It requires you to enable a delete by voice in the settings. If you want to control the device to only listen to you, then you can allow the voice match function.

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Do you like being watched while you watch telly?

Nowadays everyone likes to buy smart televisions with a big screen that can be controlled with the help of the internet and your mobile phone. Having family TV night or spending time on telly with your loved ones indeed sound like a good idea. But this may also mean that your television is listening and watching you.

A smart TV contains a web browser, apps, and Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) which watches you and keep track of what you do as it helps them to create personalised advertising and recommendations for what you can watch next. Well, you can change your security settings on your TV to disable your device to stop recording data or information.

Is the smart home doorbell smart enough?

Many people prefer to install a surveillance camera at the doorstep, which records everything all the time. It also helps the owner to see who is at the door through their phone. If there is any unwanted motion outside your house, it can give you an alert on your phone right away. It also connects to your window and baby monitor to let you know everything that has been going on in your house.

These smart security devices record everything that goes on in your house. It raises privacy questions about your data being sold. Many companies let you control your security and privacy settings. These settings include two-factor authentication, sharing information to a third party about advertising, and shared users.

Can your heating device also become a security threat?

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Most of the thermostats don’t contain a microphone or a camera which can threaten your privacy. But certain thermostats use digital assistants such as Alexa have microphones installed in them. You can activate your privacy mode once you install it. If you turn off the microphone in Alexa, you won’t be able to control the thermostat with a microphone as you could earlier.

Is smart bulb security easy to hack?

Vulnerable security can let the hacker get into your home security or home computer network. A low power wireless protocol is used to control the Internet of Things (IoT) smart devices. The lightbulb controlled through your phone app is a threat to your home privacy. You can control that by settings in your phone app.

Do you feel like you want to install the abovementioned smart devices at your home to make your home safer? You can always go ahead by researching which company is offering you the maximum benefits with the least security threats. If you need money on an urgent basis to install something like a smart doorbell with video surveillance to help you keep trespassers, away then you can apply for door to door loans with no credit checks from direct lenders.

Artificial intelligence has helped mankind, but it indeed comes with some disadvantages. One of them is being stalked every time without your consent. Personalised advertising enables you to make choices in a better manner, but it can threaten your privacy too.

When you think about making your home smart by installing updated technological devices, think about how you can control the security to stop them from spying on you. From smart TV to thermostat, you can make sure every device that is made to make your life easier is not controlling your family all the time.

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