Insurance Plans for Mental Health

Mental Health insurance

Mental Health insurance plans are normally associated with ailments of the physical being. There have been provisions made to ensure that the insurer covers the mental health of an individual also.

Define Mental Illness

The definition of mental illness for insurers is in accordance to the Mental Health Act, which states that a disorder of mood, thinking, perception, memory or orientation that can impair the judgement grossly or even impair capacity to recognise the reality, memory or impairs the ability to function normally on a day to day basis is an unhealthy mentality.

Define Mental Illness

What do you need to know about Mental Illness?

Just like the physical ailments, mental ailments can also throw the life of an individual out of balance. This does require timely and dedicated care along with the prescribed medications.

Mental illness is an invisible ailment and just because this is not seen it is taken lightly most of the time. It is important to observe the behaviour of an individual who is likely to go through mental illness.

The symptoms tend to vary with each individual who is going through a mental ailment. This also applies to the severity. The common symptoms are stress, anger, worry, mood changes, fear, eating habits changing, sleep disorders and more. Some of the most common mental disorders include depression, schizophrenia, dementia, bipolar disorders or post-traumatic disorder and more.

What you need to know about Mental Illness

How can a Health Cover for Mental Illness work beneficial?

Mental illness cannot be ignored as this can lead to serious problems with the passing of time and there is a possibility that this might require not only medications but also hospitalization. It is highly recommended to decide on a health cover for mental well being so that there is no additional burden on your finances.

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There are different types of insurance covers for mental illness and most of these plans involve expenses on a long-term basis. This includes rehabilitation, hospitalization and also immediate expenses like the costs of OPD, consultation or medication.

Some of the plans offer a sub-limit on the sum that is insured in case the individual with the mental illness has a pre-existing condition when opting for a health cover.

There is a possibility of a waiting time. This is the time period during which the insured cannot get the claim for the expenses.

How can a Health Cover for Mental Illness work beneficial

Mental Health Cover during the Pandemic

These are trying times for most of us and besides the physical health, it is extremely important to ensure good mental health. Losing security of jobs is not the only problem this pandemic has put on us. Social distancing has left many people lonely and depressed.

In case you find major changes happening to your mental state it is advisable to consult a healthcare worker. Most of the insurance covers mental health and you need to ensure you make full use of this.

Mental Health Cover during the Pandemic

Considerable Factors for Mental Health Coverage

When deciding on a mental health cover, it is advisable to consider the listed factors.

1.Check the Network

You need to ensure that the specific insurer you choose has your mental health doctor in the network. You also need to ensure that the prescribed medications for your mental health are covered by the insurer.

  1. No short-term Health Plans

Most of the short-term health plans do not cover mental and behavioural problems. It is best to overlook these.

  1. Check out the Customer-service
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It is important to be able to contact a qualified and experienced doctor in an emergency. You need to decide on an insurer who can get you connected to a health care professional as and when you need.

Expenses involved in Insurance

When buying insurance you need to be aware that there are multiple expenses involved. These include

  1. a) Premium, which is a payment made monthly for buying the insurance.
  2. b) A co-pay, that is any payment made out of the pocket when you need to buy medication or visit a doctor.
  3. c) a deductible, which is the total amount to be paid out of your pocket when before the activation of the insurance coverage.
  4. d) A cap is the final amount that is paid by the insurance company on your behalf either over your lifetime or every year.

You need to be aware that a high premium will have a low deductible.

Keeping all of the above factors in mind, you can contact the ABC insurance company for all your requirements. Our team of qualified professionals are ready to answer all your queries about the different insurance plans for mental health.

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