How to fight against rapist; helpline number


How to fight against rapist; helpline number.

Heyy I am here to safe your life against the dark world,against the rapist.The miss sneha giving you the information about self protect at every places were you are alone.

Contact number:+919167535765 call girls whenever your in trouble of molestation,rapcases,when your alone at streets.

How to fight against rapist :5 precautions


Athena is a black silicone pendant the size of a half-dollar and can be pinned to a purse, clothing, or even worn as a necklace. With a recessed button at the center of the device to prevent accidental alerts, users can hold it for three seconds to trigger a loud alarm that will immediately notify friends and family of their current location, or alternatively, press it three times in quick succession to send a silent alert if you’re suspicious of being targeted.

2. Safelet

The Safelet is another wearable device allowing users to send alerts to predetermined friends and family without using their phones who can then call 911. Similar to setting a watch, users can activate the Safelet by simultaneously pressing two buttons located on either side of the face. It looks and is worn like a regular bracelet, and once activated, syncs with the user’s mobile phone and starts recording sound.

3. Watchoverme

Watch Over Me
Source: Watch Over Me

This is a free app available for Android and iOS, allowing the user to set a timer when traveling alone. When you’re in a situation where you don’t have time to make a call for help, just shake your phone and even if it’s locked the app turns on your phone’s alarm, video camera and sends an alert to your pre-set emergency contacts. The company that created it dubbed itself the “Waze of personal safety” stating, “instead of giving you traffic updates, it warns you when you’re about to enter a high-crimezone.”

You can choose to add updates in the form of texts, pictures, or video, and if you do not tap the “I’m Safe” button before the timer runs out, friends and family are immediately given your location and any information you’ve uploaded. Because the app is activated based on inactivity, you’ll be taken care of even if you’re separated from your phone.

Source: Stiletto

4. Stiletto

One functionality that sets Stiletto apart from other wearable jewelry or app, other than its stylish look, is the to place 911 calls on your behalf. Less than an inch on all sides, it can be worn as a pendant on necklaces or bracelets, and with a single press, dials an emergency contact, or the police. If you’re unable to speak for yourself, the automated voice assistant takes care of that for you. If the situation de-escalates, with a second press, you can confirm your safety.

5. Undercover Colors

Developed by university students, Undercover Colors is nail polish that changes color upon contact with a drink that has Xanax, Rohypnol, or GHB in it; the drugs most commonly used for date rape. Still, in the conceptual stage, the product is scheduled for release in 2017 and has already secured over $5.5 million in funding. For users, a test to see if their drinks are safe will only be a fingertip away.

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How to fight against rapist; helpline number.