How to Boost Immune System in Kids

How to Boost Immune System in Kids

Children can be more prone to bacterial and viral infections as they interact more than adults. They have more friends and also students in their schools to communicate with. Though it is important to ensure that their immunity is enhanced during these trying times, it is important to concentrate on healthy habits even during normal times. As said, ‘we enter into this word with an immune system that is inexperienced’.

  1. Diet with Vegetables and Fruits:

It is important to ensure you include a large portion of fruits and vegetables to your child’s diet on a daily basis. They get used to this over a period of time. Strawberries, oranges, carrots, beans and more need to be added. You can serve these as salads or even as cooked meals. The phytonutrients increase the production of white blood cells that are important to fight off infections, be it viral or bacterial. Studies have proved that these phytonutriets can also safeguard and protect against cancers and other chronic ailments.

  1. Exercise as a Habit:

Exercise can be a ‘family’ tradition as this works as a motivation for the child. They grow-up understanding the importance of exercise in the daily routine. You can include bike-rising, swimming and other activities that are fun, with your child.

  1. Regular Vaccination:

With the covid pandemic causing havoc, many parents have avoided the regular vaccines. This is no time to compromise on the child’s immune system. Talk to your pediatrician and ensure you get your child vaccinated on-time. This protects your child from other multiple infections.

  1. Eliminate Second-hand Smoke:

Second hand smoke or passive smoke is as harmful as smoke. If you or your husband smokes, make sure you give this up immediately. You need to be aware that children are more prone to the harmful effects of smoke as compared to adults. This is due to the detoxification of the system in a child is not as developed as an adult and kids tend to breathe at a faster rate. This passive smoke increases the risk of asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory diseases in a child.

  1. Exposure to the Sun:

Make sure your child spends some time in the sun. This provides the required Vitamin D, which is one vitamin that is important for the immune system.

  1. Include Nuts in Diet:

You can include different nuts like almonds, pistachios, cashews and more in the diet of your child. These offer nutrients that are not always available in fruits and vegetables.

  1. Guard against Germ Spread:

Make sure your child washes their hands with soap and water very often. This can save them from the risks of getting infected with different viruses and bacteria. Pay attention to this hygiene factor more so before and after meals.

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These small tips can help you save your child from different infections besides the corona virus. These habits go a long way in ensuring good health of your child. It is important to not delay and start working towards a robust immunity for your child.