How to Add Widgets to your iPhone’s Home Screen

How to Add Widgets to your iPhone’s Home Screen

Adding widgets to the home screen on the Home Screen of the iPhone is what is generating interest. This is a prominent change introduced in the iOS 14.

There are many useful and weird things you are able to do with these widgets especially if you have the inclination o playing around with different apps as Widgetsmith and ShortCuts.

To start off, here are the steps you need to follow when you wish to add widgets to your home screen.

  1. Touch and hold on an empty area on the screen till you find the apps jiggle and show the symbol of minus.
  2. Tap the Plus + sign that is placed in the upper-left corner and a menu of the existing widgets comes up.
  3. Tap on the specific widget you wish to add and swipe left and right to choose the size and shape of the widget.
  4. Tap “Add Widget”
  5. Once the widget is added, you need to tap anywhere on the home screen to go out of the edit mode.

You might have to adjust the features of the widget the first time you add this.

To move the chosen widget around the screen or probably, to another screen, all you need to do is long-press this until it starts shaking. You can then move this wherever you want.

You can remove a widget by long-pressing on the widget and you get the option of ‘Remove’.

Creating a Widget-Stack:

You have the option of creating a stack of widgets if you are looking to save on some space.

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For Creating a Stack

  1. Select any widget for your home screen as mentioned above and place this wherever you wish. Select another widget you wish to stack and save this on your home screen. You have the freedom to stack almost 10 widgets.
  2. Long press the widget so that you are able to move this any place on the screen and place this on top of the first. The widget needs to be of the same shape and size.

To see each of the widgets in your stack swipe either up or down on the topmost widget. This reveals the next one placed.

If you wish to remove or change the position of any of the apps in the stack you need to

  1. Long press on the stack and press ‘Edit stack’
  2. Press the three lines that are on the side of each app to change the position in the stack
  3. Swipe to the left to remove the app.

Creating a Smart Stack:

‘Smart Stack’ is a feature created by Apple. This feature automatically chooses the widget that should be on the top, depending on your location, what you look at most or also according to the time.

iOS 14 has a pre-built smart stack that is made of selected apps. This stack needs to be added in the same way you add a widget.

You can use widgets also on iPads.