How is granite a good material choice- A thorough analysis!


You have seen our several blogs by now about each type of material used for kitchen worktops. But when you picture having a luxurious kitchen, we always recommend you to opt for granite worktops Essex. It gives a lavish look, yet it is very economical giving a sleek and expensive appearance and feel of the kitchen. Now is the time you can turn your dream into reality with gorgeous granite kitchen tops. With time people are getting more and more inclined towards granite which has managed to become a superior material among other choices. So we wanted to dig deeper into the benefits and drawbacks of this famous stone. 


Properties of this popular material

Undoubtedly this material is a very strong and unique stone that is used widely for countertops, flooring, pavements, and monuments. It is being used for thousands of years for interior and exterior construction of properties. That is why granite worktops Essex are praised for its aesthetic appeal, unique design, strength, and durability.


How is it superior to other materials? 

The granite is known for the following qualities; 

  1. It is the most durable material having the longest life expectancy and can easily stand any rough use without letting the longevity affected much. 
  2. It is one of the material that is easiest to maintain, all you will have to do is wipe off the surface with a damp cloth after use. On top of that, if you get the granite worktops Essex sealed then the liquid will not absorb and hence there will not be any stains. 
  3. It has heat resistant properties which means you can easily handle hot pans and utensils on your countertop without worrying about it melting, chipping, or getting a permanent mark. All other materials like quartz and marble can get damaged from heat. 
  4. It has a vast variety of colors to choose from and the pattern of each slab would be unique as it’s a natural stone, you will not find any same countertop like yours anywhere as yours has a unique color and pattern. 
  5. Granite is also promoted for its green effect to the earth, it doesn’t need hazardous chemicals for maintenance 
  6. The good strength of this natural stone makes it the top choice for kitchen and bathroom because softer material like marble needs more care. It can sustain rough use and if in any case it gets chipped then it can also get repaired by a professional. 
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Drawbacks of having granite worktops Essex

  1. For greater rough use, you will have to get your worktop sealed which is considered a limitation only because you need to pay for sealing twice a year and if you forget it then it will get damaged.
  2. As the granite is a very bulky stone, it needs a strong frame that can bear its weight.
  3. We hate to tell you that this stone is a little at the expensive side but it is worth investing in as it increases the value of your house.