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How Do You Tackle Marketing for SMB on Social Media

How Do You Tackle Marketing for SMB on Social Media

It is important to learn the right techniques to tackle social media marketing for your business. You can take tips from other business owners or even friends. You then need to test the different approaches to find out what works best for your business.

As an owner of small business, your time tends to be a valuable commodity. You do not have all the time or even resources to spend on navigating the different platforms of social media.

Here are few tips to ensure the perfect social media marketing.

  1. Customizing for Target Audience

Marketing on social media is not only about when you post but also on what you post. Without any specific audience to target and sans any strategy, the efforts on social media are spread thin across a vast sea of content.

It is important to ensure you focus on your specific audience and build up a presence on social media that can seek them out and speak their language. You need to find out where the target demographic is located.


  1. Cutting through the Noise

Work out a strategy on how to catch the attention of the potential customer once you have identified your target audience.

Only content that is authentic can stand-out in a crowd of content on social media. Businesses that blast out promotions and product information will see engagement that is lackluster.

  1. Leverage your Community

Only if you focus on community your business can your content will have engagement and reach. This can be topical or geographical, the business needs to focus on the community. This works as an opportunity to influence the customer in a positive manner.

  1. Measure what you can act on

With all the very solid methodologies in place it is important to know whether this worked or not.

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The difference between subscribers/followers and likes have specific indications. The followers and subscribers indicate that the individuals are asking for more content.

It is also important to set benchmarks and goals for yourself. Your goals need to be something concrete to hold onto and also lets you know if you are headed in the right direction.

  1. Ensure Your Customers Return

With the social media presence growing, you get an opportunity to interact with your customers. Make sure of ‘customer satisfaction’ by directly responding and also paying close attention to what they express.

  1. Selecting Different Tools

You need dedication and time to stay active on social media. You can make use of the different automation tools so that you do not have to spend too much time. These tools can publish different posts and also schedule posts automatically.

  1. Consistent Voice on Social Media

As known, social media is ideal for recognition and brand building. Every post made needs to be in line with your image and brand.

You need to make sure that you have a limited number of people responsible for posting any content.

It is important to ensure that you learn the techniques and the tools for meeting the challenges of the future.

Tips for Ad Placement on FaceBook

A video series has been launched by Facebook recently, named ‘Social Skills’. The aim of this video is to provide insights and skills to the managers of social media for maximizing their promotional performance.

Each of the interviews on the video includes insights from the real world. This is on how different businesses have made use of ad tools of a FaceBook system.

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The 3rd video of the series has marketing tips of performance from the Director of MOB, which is a digital marketing agency serving different brands throughout Asia.

Ad Placement for Different Goals of Campaign

1.Choosing the Location within FaceBook

Controlling the ad placement on Facebook in a prominent manner is specifying where you desire your ad within FaceBook.

Different locations cost different. The traffic, click-through conversion rates and the audience are all different.

The options for ad placements include the right column, news feed (mobile or desktop versions), Facebook Marketplace, Instant Articles and suggested or in-stream videos.

The control of ad location can be found in Ads Manager of Facebook. You can edit placement as a part of the process of creation after an objective is selected.

The ad format, budget and objective determines the best placement of the Ad. You can optimize for the objective by controlling the location manually.

  1. Creating a Block List

If you choose the videos in-stream or place your ads on Network Audience or Instant Articles, the ads appear alongside the associated content with the URL’s outside the main platform of Facebook.

In-stream videos play the ad during the videos that the users watch on FaceBook or probably, on the Audience Network sites or apps. Audience Network, on the other hand, places the ad in any of the external websites and apps used by Facebook.

The ads on Instant Articles appear either within the articles that the different publishers publish or in between.

The URL’s can be regulated by making use of the FaceBook block lists. Facebook Ads Manager control the Block Lists. This can be accessed via the Ads Manager when you select ‘Business Settings’.

  1. Populating the Block List

You get tools from FaceBook for helping you to discover where the ads will probably appear. You have the option of identifying the placements considered undesirable.

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Before the ad runs, the URL’s where the ad might run is given to you by the publisher. This can be accessed by going to the ‘Business Manager’ and selecting ‘’Block Lists’ and click on ‘Manage’.

  1. Adjusting the Inventory Filter

You can adjust the inventory filter on Facebook so that the ad does not appear near any content that is sensitive. Controlling the ad placement, you can ensure placement that is unwarranted. Remember that inventory filters that are restrictive can minimize the ad’s reach.

Using customized placement strategies, you are able to get a control over the budget with better results and higher rates of conversion. This means, there are more chances of you benefiting with the ‘right’ ad placement.



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