How can I prevent from hypertension?


Hypertension is the major cause of many health complications like heart attack,  trauma,  kidney failure,  liver diseases, and lung problems. Controlling hypertension is more important than any other body health complications.  Why because of the majority of the health complications related to hypertension only. Let’s have a detailed look at how to control hypertension.

As per the research based on various factors, there are a number of reasons effect on hypertension.  Person age,  gender,  health complications, diet and regular activities major factors for Hypertension to analyze.

  • Healthy weight: according to the body height our weight should be balanced.  If the bodyweight is lesser than height or else body weight is higher than our height Factors to increase hypertension.  It is good to maintain a proper body weight according to the standards.
  • Healthy diet: after a certain age it is mandatory to maintain a balanced diet.  Having fiber-rich foods and body required calories any suggested levels are major  Essentials for the body to maintain internal functioning properly. So it is good to check with your regular diet and if there is any lacking a fiber calories vitamins then prefer to add those in your diet.
  • Reduce salt intake: Salt is another main reason for increasing hypertension.  It is always recommended to have a low sodium diet regularly.  This will helps you to maintain blood pressure  In general A person should have to take a lesson 3 grams of salt per day.  So if it is more than 3 grams in your regular diet then cut down your salt intake right away
  • Regular exercise: this is another great habit to adopt for Blood Pressure Management. Having at least 30 minutes of exercise regularly will help you to maintain healthy blood pressure levels.
  • Avoid/limit alcohol: taking the excessive amount of alcohol is also injurious to the healthy liver and at the same time causes to increasing hypertension.  It is good to Limit your alcohol intake to avoid health complications.
  • Keep on checking blood pressure: redistricting suggestable to everyone who is facing hypertension problems to have a regular blood pressure check.  This will helps you to manage your day and to reduce stress levels which will cause hypertension.
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By following all basic steps one can reduce the hypertension levels gradually.  Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will completely the words happen tension complications.