How Business Requiring Masks Protects Workers and You from COVID-19

Masks Protects Workers and You from COVID-19

COVID-19: As the saying goes, ‘better late than never’, and the numbers of businesses are implementing policies requiring the face-masks use seems to be increasing. These policies are applauded by the experts who know for sure, that the use of face masks can help in controlling the spread of COVID-19, or the corona virus. These experts also advise on frequent hand-washing and social distancing for curtailing the corona virus.

How can Face Masks help?

Making wearing of face masks mandatory is definitely positive news. There has been a negative response to this before and people have faced the consequences with the surge in the corona virus cases. The virus that causes COVID-19 spreads mostly through respiratory droplets when people sneeze, cough or even talk. There are many people with COVID-19 that do not show any symptoms. These are the asymptomatic or the pre-symptomatic patients. These patients can spread the virus to other people if they are in contact for a long period of time. Not many are aware that an individual can get contagious before they start showing any symptoms.

A face mask or any other covering of the face can help you protect others around you from this virus if you already have it and are not aware of this. This has been recommended by the WHO (World health Organization) and CDC (Centers of Disease Control and Prevention). This wearing of face mask is all the more important in places where it is difficult to follow social distancing.

How to Wear a Face Masks?

You can use a scarf, bandana, cloth mask, surgical mask or even a neck gaiter for covering your face. This needs to cover the mouth and the nose completely. This covering needs to be comfortable and not too tight or restrictive. Masks made of cloth need to be washed after every use. When wearing or removing the face masks, make sure you only touch the ties or the ear loops for wearing and removing. Make sure you do not touch your mouth, nose or eyes when wearing or removing a mask.

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Where to get a Face Mask?

Cloth coverings for the face or masks can be handmade or purchased. When making or buying the face covering ensure the listed factors are taken into consideration.

  • The face covering is not overly restrictive or tight
  • Covers the nose and the mouth completely
  • This covering cannot be made of a fabric with holes and must not have any valve.

Tips on keeping safe:

Besides the use of masks you can follow some tips to ensure your safety against COVID-19.

  1. Ensure you wash your hands before entering a shopping mall. If this is not possible you need to make sure you sanitize your hands with a quality sanitizer.
  2. Instead of loitering around in the mall, list out your requirements so that you can finish off with your shopping quickly.
  3. It is advisable not to let your children or other family members accompany you. This only creates a crowd and there are multiple businesses that allow only a limited number of people to enter their premises.
  4. Ensure you keep a safe distance with the others present in the mall.

To end it, if you have been exposed to anyone with COVID-19, make sure you get tested without any delay.

Originally posted 2020-07-28 06:00:48.