Healthy Eating Habits to Control Blood Sugar Levels

Control Blood Sugar Levels

Whether you are focused on controlling or preventing diabetes, you may have the same nutritional needs as others. You don’t need any special food. But you have to consider some foods, especially the carbohydrates you have. Though any heart-friendly diet like the Mediterranean diet can be helpful, you need to shed a little more pounds. Losing only 5% to 10% of weight can be helpful to manage blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure.

Eating healthy food and losing weight can also have a great effect on energy, mood, and sense of overall wellbeing. Even after developing diabetes, it’s never too late to lead a positive change. You need to be active, eat healthily, and lose weight for your blood sugar health.

Belly Fat – Biggest Risk Factor for Diabetes

For Type 2 Diabetes, being obese or overweight is the biggest factor of risk. If you have more weight around your abs instead of your thighs and hips, your risk is higher. Plenty of belly fat covering your liver or abdominal organs is closely related to insulin control. If you are a woman with over 35 inches of waist circumference or a man with over 40 inches of waist circumference, you may have a higher risk of diabetes.

Calories from fructose (especially found in sugary drinks like sports and energy drinks, soda, processed foods like cereal, muffins, doughnuts, candy, granola bars, and coffee) can add a lot of weight around your abs. So, you should cut back on sugary items for a slimmer waistline along with the reduced risk of diabetes.

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You don’t have to cut sugars all the time. Actually, you can continue enjoying your favorite meals until you plan well and limit your hidden sugar levels. You don’t have to avoid desserts all the time if it is a part of healthy meals.