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Healthy Eating

Health Hub with Swiggy: This pandemic has brought about a lot of changes in all fields. You find people get extremely cautious about their intake of food so that they do not compromise on the ‘immunity’ factor in any way. With all the fussy-eating habits adopted by most, it is important to have restaurants and other take-away providers offering nutritious and healthy food. Swiggy has taken the initiative and offers you a wide range of dishes that are healthy and tasty. There are no compromises made on the ‘taste’ factor.

Launching of Health Hub:

Swiggy has included a section for the discovery of healthy food on its app. This is named as the ‘Health Hub’. This platform has collaborated with qualified and experienced nutritionists along with different restaurants to curate specific healthy dishes and menus. The customers can choose from the different dishes that are ‘health-focused’, including high-protein, gluten-free, organic, keto, vegan and low-carb diets.

This food platform is the first platform to offer its customers information in details on macronutrients like carbohydrates, proteins and fats for the different dishes. Presently, this app feature is only available for the users of Android in Bangalore.

Healthy Eating:

According to research conducted by Swiggy, healthy eating has been a popular trend on this platform since 2019. This Health Hub caters to this demand and offers a curation of dishes and menus that are healthy. The users of the App can pick and choose from the different salads, soups, wraps and even desserts from diet options like low-carb, gluten-free, vegan, organic, high-protein and more.

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Swiggy has also conducted a research to find out the most favored dishes. This has led to multiple Indian dishes offered on the Health Hub.

Features of Health Hub:

Health Hub offers you an insight in to the break-up of each of the dishes along with the details of the calories you will consume when you order the dish. This helps the customer to know exactly what they are ordering.

As mentioned, times have changed and so has the taste of the people. Everyone seems to be looking for healthy options available not only in food but in almost all the sections of life. It seems that the world has realized the importance of good health. Most of the restaurants and other eating joints are working on ensuring that they can offer the healthiest of food options. This can save on their business and also help them make up for the time lost during the lockdown.

Present Times:

At present, Swiggy offers almost 10,000 healthy dishes that are unique from more than 1,000 outlets.  Health Hub aims at boosting the healthy eating pattern across India. This can dismiss the beliefs that healthy food is tasteless, expensive and difficult to find.

Swiggy is providing support in ingredient sourcing, menu design and marketing, branding and also staff training to help the restaurant partners adapt. Research has shown that women, more than men, have a tendency to choose food that is healthy. Research also proved that the breakfast is a meal that is preferred for the ‘healthy’ food option, followed by lunch.

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