Health Benefits of Figs, From Boosting Heart Health to Weight Management

Health Benefits of Figs

Since ancient times, figs are associated with prosperity and health. These are linked symbolically to the Greek goddess of fertility and agriculture.

Figs belong to the mulberry family and have multiple different varieties. Most of these are only 10 to 30 feet and thrive in dry and warm climates. These trees do not blossom as the flowers are on the inside. These produce hundreds of seeds giving figs their crunchy texture.

Figs are juice and sweet when ripe. This fruit is considered to be exotic in some parts of the world. Figs can be purple-skinned, red, yellow or green-stripped. Each of these has their own flavor.

Nutrition Facts

Fresh Fig

When you consume 1 fresh fig you get

  • 8 g sugar
  • 37 calories
  • 10 g carbohydrates
  • 0 g fat
  • 5 g fiber
  • <1 g protein

Dried Figs

When you consume 1 dried fig you get

  • 0 g fat
  • 21 calories
  • 4 g sugar
  • 5 g carbohydrates
  • <1 g protein
  • 1 g fiber

Some Important Benefits of Figs

  1. Helps in Weight Management

As known, high fiber foods have a positive impact on weight management, and there is a good amount of fiber in figs. Fiber helps in digestion and can also reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes, cancer and other chronic ailments. This helps in weight management as fiber can help you in feeling full for a long period of time.

  1. Promotes Reproductive Health

Figs contribute to a large extent in improving the reproductive health as this is loaded with different minerals like manganese, magnesium, zinc and also iron. This can also help in improving the PMS symptoms in women. The fiber and the antioxidants present in figs helps in the protection against hormonal imbalances and breast cancer that is post menopausal.

  1. Lowering Blood Pressure
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Regular intake of potassium helps in the maintainenance of the blood pressure. Figs are a good source of this potassium. This also helps in negating the negative effects of sodium.

  1. Helps in Preventing Constipation

The digestive health is well maintained with regular consumption of figs. This is due to the high fiber content. This fruit helps in regular movement of the bowels.

  1. Regulation of Blood Sugar

Blood sugar levels are well maintained with the intake of figs due to the high content of potassium. This can keep a check on the amount of sugar consumed. This fruit works well for the diabetic patients. Studies have proved that blood sugar levels are lowered due to the presence of chlorogenic acid present in figs.

  1. Promoting the Bone Health

You require around 100mg of calcium on a daily basis. As known, calcium is not produced by the body and this requirement can be fulfilled only with what is consumed. Most often, this requirement is not met and you suffer from various bone diseases. It is important to include other sources of calcium in your diet, like figs.

You need to know that figs are perishable and you need to refrigerate these if you want to store them.