Happy Birthday Gauri Khan

Happy Birthday to Gauri Khan

The better half of the Bollywood super star, Shahrukh Khan, Madam Gauri Khan turns 50 years today. This star mommy to Aryan, Suhana and Abram, seems to be ageing like fine wine. She is looking more beautiful and gorgeous with each day passing by. She is an interior designer and has done many properties in Mumbai. This includes Sidharth Malhotra’s house, Ranbir Kapoor’s house, vanity van of Alia Bhatt, bedroom of Jacqueline Fernandes and few parts of Karan Johar’s house.

Recently, Gauri Khan has announced ‘My Life in Design’ which is her first book. This will release in 2021. Gauri had launched her design store in 2017. This was named ‘Gauri Khan Designs’. This store sells luxury products. She has designed a Ralph Laurent store in Mumbai.

This multi-talented wife of Shahrukh Khan not only has a keen sense in design but is known for her fashion sense also. She has a unique sense of fashion which is also classy. She concentrates on blacks, whites, animal prints, shimmer and bodycon dresses. Her wardrobe is full of these.

In the year 2015, she collaborated with Satya Paul who is a designer. This was for her debut collection, named ‘The Tropical Wonder’. Her stylish looks are well known and popular not only in Bollywood but even in the outside world.

In her latest post on Instagram, Gauri Khan has written that the post was in honor of those women who have managed to inspire her. She added that she is a woman and also a protector, muse, achiever, wanderer, dreamer and more. You can see only a part of her. The part rooted in her role and not her soul. All that is unseen is what completes her. She draws her strength from here.

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She tagged Falguni Peacock, Monisha Jaising, Bavana Pandey, Farah Khan, Neelam Kothari, Seema Khan, Kaykasshan Patel, Maheep Kapoor, and others. She requested people to do the same so that they could create a global grid of strength. Many of the fans thought that this post was a response to Suhana’s post of colorism. Here she had posted how often people trolled her and commented on the color of her skin.

The post of Suhana read that there was a lot going on these days and that there are specific issues that needed to be fixed. This was not about Suhana but about every other boy or girl who grew up feeling inferior for no reason at all. She added that she was told that she was ugly due to the skin tone. This has happened since the time she was 12 years old.

Suhana further added that we are all Indians and being ‘brown’ is very natural. She said that we came in different shades but there is no way you could distance yourself from melanin. She added that hating your own people only proves that a person is insecure. She ended the post by saying that she is not 5”7 but 5”3 and brown and that she loves herself.